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Have you ever attended a high school reunion?

  1. ytsenoh profile image87
    ytsenohposted 5 years ago

    Have you ever attended a high school reunion?

    If not, why?  If yes, describe your experience, including the years out of high school it represented.

  2. Agantum profile image59
    Agantumposted 5 years ago

    Yes.  A few faces are worth seeing again and good fun to speak to.  The cliches are all there, you can compare who has put on and taken off weight, find out who makes the most money, has the biggest family, gone on the most holidays, had the most marriages, passed on or can't be here tonight.  The start of the evening is a great opportunity, If you want to leave with good memories, do so after the first hour or two.  The cliques then have a chance to reform and the evening would be better spent with 2 or 3 of your current friends.  If you are lucky, you have one there otherwise you spend the rest of the evening with people you didn't bother to stay in touch with for the last 10 or 20 years.  Once the evening is over, a few people stay in touch for a while until most slowly drift apart again.  Then the same caring good people who thought a reunion a good idea, organise another one for 5 or 10 years.  Time enough for memories to fade and if you have nothing better to do, you go for another round.

  3. shiningirisheyes profile image60
    shiningirisheyesposted 5 years ago

    No, I haven't.  Just never had the time.  Isn't that sad.  I still keep in touch with many, some are very dear friends, who attend every one.

  4. RBJ33 profile image60
    RBJ33posted 5 years ago

    We have only had one reunion - it was the 50th anniversary - took place in 2001.  I think we were all senile.  No one remembered things the same way as others remembered them.  There were many who had passed away and that was sad to me.  Several of us took our year books and got comments 50 years apart.  There was a woman there who I took to the prom one year, but she denied ever going out with me.  I produced my year book in which she had written what a wonderful time she had with me at prom - we all got a big laugh at her expense - she still claimed she didn't remember - boy, I must have left a real impression.

    One lady came up to me and told me what a hero I had been leading our basketball team to the state championship - I didn't play basketball - the hero was a fellow with the same first name, not me.

    1. ytsenoh profile image87
      ytsenohposted 5 years agoin reply to this

      RBJ, your response is appreciated and humorous.  Thank you.  I have never attended a reunion and don't plan to.

  5. teaches12345 profile image94
    teaches12345posted 5 years ago

    No I haven't. It is a shame because I often wonder how some old friends are doing.  I have moved so much through the years and live so far from my home area that it is not possible to make each time.

  6. profile image0
    Miss Kate000posted 5 years ago

    Yes, I actually organised my grades 10 year reunion about 2 years ago. It was a really good night.
    I thought that being most people still hung around the same groups since school plus minus a few different new friends, that there would be seperated groups, but there wasn't. We had around 250 people in our grade when finishing year 12 and i managed to get ahold of most of them with around 200 people turning up.
    It was so good, I was very happy with the turn out, and it was great to see everyone. Most of us looked the same but the attitudes had matured and everyone was happy to catch up with each and every person.

  7. profile image0
    Larry Wallposted 5 years ago

    I attended my 10th and my 40th. At the last one, I think I knew two people out of a class of 528. The 50th will be seven years. I will not be there--assuming I am still here. I will be pushing 69  So regardless, I have attend my last high school reunion. I missed the 20 because I was moving and did not know any details and missed the 30th because I just had surgery. Some of the people still think they are in high school and recall the good old days. I could not wait to get out.

  8. houseofjcjee profile image74
    houseofjcjeeposted 5 years ago

    I was able to attend the grand alumni homecoming of my school three years ago. The reunion paved the way for us to gather regularly during birthdays, Christmas, and other special occasions. Next year will be our silver jubilee and we have started preparing for it.