What is your favorite summer memory?

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    Ambyoticposted 5 years ago

    What is your favorite summer memory?


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    topaz blueposted 5 years ago

    Many moons ago when I was at the Reading Festival in England , we were waiting for 'Sister's of Mercy' to come on as they were the head line act who we had gone to see. However we only had time to wait to see the guys mooning on scaffolding to 'James' before we had to leave.

    One minute my friend was standing beside me on my left  with my other friend standing beside me on the right. I looked to the right to speak with my other friend and when I looked back I realised that my friend who had been standing on the left of me was now hot footing it with out of the festive grounds with his other friend, apparently as fast as his legs could carry him. I new we had to leave soon for the last train to London where we were staying for the weekend.

    At least I thought my friend was still looking back to check that my other friend and myself we okay. Once on the train though and about 30 minutes into the return journey back to London, did my friend confess, one minute there was no one sitting near where my friend had been standing however as my friend was pouring his beer on the ground, he realised he was actually now pouring this over a guy who was now sitting on the ground!

    This was the real reason they both had ran so fast out of the festival grounds and were looking back to check the beer soaked chap was not following them! At the time I was really annoyed however now thinking back it really makes me giggle and is always a good tale to tell.
    Many thanks for the memory     
    Topaz Blue

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    duffsmomposted 5 years ago

    Oh this one is from a very long time ago.  It was the last day of school - I had just graduated.  My girlfriends and I were walking along the beach, being whistled at and yelled at (in a good way) and we were all feeling pretty darn good about ourselves.  Yes, they were bikini days - oh yeah a longggg time ago.

    It was hot and sunny  (school had been half day) and everything fell into place to just feel genuinely good and hopeful about the present and the future.