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What is Christmas to you? Is it physical, intellectual, psychological, and/or s

  1. gmwilliams profile image85
    gmwilliamsposted 3 years ago

    What is Christmas to you?  Is it physical, intellectual, psychological, and/or spiritual to you?


  2. word55 profile image73
    word55posted 3 years ago

    It is spiritual to me. As they say, Jesus is all the world to me. I do everything in the name of Him that came to save us from ourselves for we know not what we do. Mercy, They brought gifts to Mary and Joseph when Jesus was born. That's where it all started from.

  3. profile image54
    Ian Mooneposted 3 years ago

    It's definitely psychological trying to find presents for people, that a) don't deserve one, & b) seem to have everything already..It's then definitely physical, having to carry all that crap about..I wouldn't say it's very intellectual getting into debt to buy crap, that people a) don't deserve & b) don't need..But at the end of it all i will be very spiritual, by downing a bottle of Vodka..Christmas, according to the T.V anyway, is a time for celebrating Santa's birthday the guy who invented Coca Cola!lol....Anyway for me it should be a time for giving only the people "in need", exactly what they need. :-)

  4. Austinstar profile image87
    Austinstarposted 3 years ago

    It is none of those things to me. It's just another day. I used to work every Christmas because I got more pay, there was a lighter work load, and there were no bosses around. (Hospitals don't shut down for holidays). Everyone appreciated that I would do this so they could go do their "physical, intellectual, psychological and spiritual" thing.
    I am of the opinion that "Christmas" should be an everyday thing. If you want to give someone a gift, then just do it. There's no need to wait for a "special" day or reason.
    People stress themselves out over the holidays, and for what? It's really just another day of living.

  5. connorj profile image75
    connorjposted 3 years ago


    A most wonderful day indeed. It is everything! It is physical, mystical, and spiritual. We will have a relatively quiet Christmas.
    I will begin the day by reading the Liturgy of the Hours followed by walking our two gods (backwards) on the wooded trail adjacent our subdivision.

    I will then gently awaken my Aine true love and we will begin the day with a most beautiful "breakfeast" and the unveiling of stockings and the opening of presents. That is, after my cladistine operation of sneaking her solid carved teak chair into the house with her not knowing.
    Mass is at 10 a.m. Since my grandson will be with us (no Midnight Mass this year). There will be many phone calls and brunch at my wonderful in-laws followed by present exchange and roast turkey, ham too many vegetables (including my favorite vegetable, the significantly unknown and exquisite parsnips), yes I did say parsnips. There will be enough dressing (stuffing) to float to China and enough gravy to flood Florida.
    The evening will be a movie viewing of an All American WW II hero's tenacious story of triumph. A man that recently passed on. After the movie I am hoping for uninterrupted time with my Aine true love...