Baby Shower: Unique Baby Shower Idea

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    mjohnson8875posted 7 years ago

    About to Hatch

    » There are egg and chick-themed shower invitations all over the place.  Snag one of those for the invites.
    » Suggest a decorating theme.  Here’s one – buy a carton of eggs, crack neatly in the middle and save or trash the contents.  Wash well, let them dry overnight on several layers of paper towels.  Buy a pack or two of those fuzzy chicks at the craft store.  Then get out your trusty glue gun and arrange cracked eggs and chicks around a centerpiece of fresh flowers – don’t be afraid to get a bit silly with your decorating ideas.  It will be fun!
    » Find a nice basket with a handle and line with yellow napkins to hold the baby shower favors.  Set them near the door.
    » Don’t feel like you have to stick with just one favor type.  With the “Just Hatched” Collection, you can mix the whisk, the timer and the salt and pepper shaker sets in a basket.  It’s a great conversation starter, and each one is a practical, take home keepsake for the guest.
    Does that get your creative writing juices flowing?  We hope so – but let’s finish up with another delicious idea that fits right into this theme.

    The “Just Hatched” 7-Piece Layette Set in Charming “Chick” Wagon is the ULTIMATE baby shower gift.  Matter of face, it’s so cute, you can use it as a centerpiece for your baby shower table!  The layette set comes gently folded into a lovely white organza bag, all gathered up with a white satin ribbon.  Mommies-to-be can use the wagon on the changing table for diapers or little baby necessities – such a handy catch-all!  Later on, baby can stack rattles and all kinds of goodies in “their little wagon.”

    And remember, Baby Aspen products undergo a rigorous testing process before they reach their new homes.  Our little “end users’s” safety is of the utmost importance!

    Hope we gave you some good ideas to share!