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Fruit Costumes - Fun Fruit Costumes For Any Party

Updated on August 26, 2011

Fruit Costumes Look Cool!

Here's a super fun selection of fruit costumes to choose from, there's something for everyone. These are really cool, humorous costumes that will work for any party. There's lots of different fruit costumes to choose from, there's Watermelon, Orange, Pear, Apple, Banana, Grapes, Lemon, Lime, Pineapple and Strawberry.

There are fruit costumes for kids, adults and dogs, all easy to wear, comfortable and affordable. These are excellent costume choices for any party, you'll look good enough to eat!

See below for the great range of fruit costumes to choose from, these are brilliant costumes that will have you being the center of attention at any party.

Watermelon Costumes

These are vibrant, fun costumes that really stand out from the crowd. If you want to make an impact at any party, consider this costume choice, it's a winner. You can choose from the watermelon slice costume that is unisex, or the sexy womens watermelon costume that is fun, flirty and girlie.

These are great costume choices for any party, you won't go unnoticed wearing either of these!

Orange Costume

If you want full on fruitiness this is a fun costume choice, it's simple, but effective. This is a really easy to wear fruit costume that is sure to get some laughs.

It's a bold choice that is really easy to wear and comfortable. Plus it's bright orange, definitely not one for wallflowers!

Pear Costume

This is real fruity fun. If you want an oversized costume to get some giggles, this is a great choice. It's really easy to wear and full of fruity goodness. This is an excellent one piece costume choice that will have you party ready in minutes!

Apple Costumes

These are bright and bold fruit costumes that will go down a treat. Easy to wear and instantly recognizable, this an a great costume choice for kids and adults. These are really cool costumes that are great for any party.

Click the link for lots more choices of apple costumes for adults and kids. There's lots of different sizes to choose from.

Banana Costumes

If you want a really humorous fruit costume, these are up there. These banana costumes are full of fruity fun. There's lots more to choose from though, in various sizes. Check out the banana costumes for kids and adults page for lots more choices available.

This is an excellent costume choice that is sure to get giggles at any party. If you want a costume that's bold and full of fun, these are a great choice.

Grapes Costumes

There is something so adorably cute about these grapes costumes, they are so cool, so fun and if you really want a stand out fruit costume, consider these.

Go to grapes costumes for kids, adults and dogs to see lots more choices in various sizes.

These are stand out costumes that will rock at any party.

Lemon Costumes

Bright, bold and sure to get you noticed, these are great lemon costmes that are really easy to wear.

This is a fun costume choice that stands out. It's also an easy to wear option that will have you party ready in minutes.

There's just so many fun fruit costumes to choose from, you're spoilt for choice!

Lime Costume

This is yet another cool fruit costume that is really easy to wear. Fruit costumes are great for couples costumes or group costumes because they are so easy to team with the others.

This is a simple, but effective fruit costume that will have you party ready in minutes!

Pineapple Costume

This is a stand out costume that is really cool. This is an easy to wear option (as are pretty much all of the fruit costumes) that is quick and easy to get on which means that you will be ready to party in no time at all.

Fruity and full of fun, this is another costume that is sure to get you noticed at any party!

Strawberry Costumes

These have got a cute factor about them. They are bright and bold and great for both kids and adults. A strawberry costume is a real eye popping one that will definitely have you standing out from the crowd at any party.

You can't go wrong with fruit costumes, they're fun, easy to wear and affordable. This is a great costume choice no matter what design you go for. These costumes will be great additions to any party!


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