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Gifts for Cyclists

Updated on February 25, 2013

Have you ever struggled to find something for the cyclist in your life?

Buying gifts and presents for cyclists is hard, as a cyclist myself I spend hours deliberating over tyres, brakes, shoes and gloves, it's therefore no wonder that generally speaking my family and friends do not even consider buying me a cycling related gift, they are not confident in their ability to choose something that I would like!

This lens is a collection of sometimes practical, sometimes wacky items, but always relevant items that have a cycling related theme and so will appeal to a wide range of bicycle enthusiasts and will really help you pick something they will be very happy and greatful to receive.

As I find new great things that I would love to get (hope my wife is reading this!) then I will update and add to this list, in the meantime if you know of something that I've missed, please please please add it to the comments sections below!

Practical Gifts for Cyclists

In this section I'll look at gifts that have a practical purpose, something that can be used, these are ideal items, many of which I have used personally, that you can buy if you're looking to make life a little easier for your cyclist.

  • Workshop Tools - particularly those made by Park Tools, but also Shimano, Pedro and Cyclo
  • Multitools - look for brands such as Topeak, Crank Bros, Park Tools
  • Lights - Every cyclist can use more lights, brands to look out for here are Cateye and Topeak
  • Maintenance - bike cleaning products from MucOff and Fenwicks, bicycle lubrication, cleaning brushes, all great gifts for the regular cyclist
  • Pumps - Floor or trackpumps, frame pumps and puncture repair kits

Park Tool Master Chain Tool - CT-4.2
Park Tool Master Chain Tool - CT-4.2

Workshop Tools as gifts for cyclists

Workshop tools such as the lovely Park Tool Master Chain Tool make great gifts, especially for the avid home mechanic. These are typically heavier just tools that are designed to last and make great gifts.

Park in particular make similar but progressively finer tools for each task and many cyclists will go for the value for money option over the finest available, buy choosing the top of the range tool as a gift you can be sure the recipient will both appreciate the present and the thought that has gone into it.

Park Tool SK-1 Home Mechanic Starter Tool Kit
Park Tool SK-1 Home Mechanic Starter Tool Kit

A great kit for the younger or new cyclist, and a good saving over buying all the tools seperately.


Bicycle Multi Tools

Multi functional tools are the cyclists best friend, small and light they can fix most mechanical problems while out on a ride, road or trail. I often use mine in the workshop too as it is so useful. While many cyclists have their favourite, they often don't have one for each bike, swapping them about from bag to bag and having to remember each time to take it with you (you only forget once, it can be a long walk home!!).

Would bike lights make a good gift?

(I certainly wouldn't be disappointed to get a new set at least once a year!)

Let's face it, cycling on busy roads brings with it some risk, having good and sufficient lights can really help mitigate that risk and ensure that other road users are aware that a cyclist is on the road ahead.

With LED technology and rechargable batteries you can now get some really really bright lights that will run for hours, charging is being made easier and easier by in many cases the provision of a USB charging option. There really is no reason to not have at least one front and rear light on your bike.

Special Gifts for Cyclists

Sometimes practical, sensible gifts such as those elsewhere in this article just wont do, prehaps they would appreciate something a little unusual or unique?

Garmin Forerunner 310XT
Garmin Forerunner 310XT

Fitness and training Gifts

If your cyclist is serious, competative or is really looking to use cycling to get fit, then gifts that help them train and monitor their progress will be very well received indeed, many of which are specifically aimed at cyclists.

A gift aimed at encouraging the recipent to get fitter might just be all the extra motivation they need, the feedback from sports watches, such as the Garmin Forerunner 310XT opposite can really add an extra dimension to training.

DVDs as Gifts for Cyclists

Breaking Away
Breaking Away

There are thousands of DVDs available that will appeal to cyclists, from the classic cycling film "Breaking Away" to amazingly filmed shots of incredible stunts and feats of endurance, DVDs (and blueray's) make a great inexpensive gift for a cyclist.

If you haven't seen Breaking Away then the trailer is below, it really is a fantastic film using cycling as a metaphor for growing up and understanding what matters, to yourself, your family and friends and the community you grew up in.

As a mountain biker I've amassed a few films that give me inspiration to ride and the motivation to get out there even when the weather is bad or I could easily find an excuse to be at one with the couch for a little while longer!

Breaking Away Trailer

Trilogy: Roam, The Collective, Seasons DVD
Trilogy: Roam, The Collective, Seasons DVD

Probably the greatest collection of Mountain Biking films, from the seminal classic "The Collective" with its funky sound track and inspirational and ground breaking film work, to the more recent Season, a great collection of films.

Ride the Divide
Ride the Divide

The longest, hardest ride of them all, your mind will be wondering if you too could find four weeks to go ride your bike the length of the US....

The Flying Scotsman
The Flying Scotsman

A true story of a fight against depression set against a world record attempt, keep an eye out for Graeme Obree - he's not finished yet!


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Gifts for Cyclists
Buying gifts and presents for cyclists is hard, as a cyclist myself I spend hours deliberating over tyres, brakes, shoes and gloves, it's therefore no wonder...

Cycling Gifts on eBay

Potentially a bit random! But hopefully if you are still struggling this will provide just the inspiration you need!


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