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Gluten Free Gifts

Updated on April 25, 2012

Buying A Gluten Free Gift

Here's an excellent selection of both delicious and practical gifts for celiacs and people with gluten intolerance. There's lots of lovely safe gluten free food hampers and gift boxes, gluten free recipe books, gluten free breadmakers, gluten free makeup and gluten free beauty products to choose from.

No matter what your budget you can find a great celiac friendly gift for any occasion. All these gluten free gifts have been hand picked for celiacs, by a celiac. Me! I'm on a lifelong gluten free diet too, so I've got a pretty darn good idea of what works well as a gluten free gift. You're in safe hands!

What's great about going for any kind of gluten free gift is that it shows a real personal touch. See below for the cool range to choose from.

Gluten Free Gift Baskets and Gift Boxes

If you only know the slightest thing about celiac disease, you'll know that eating anything with gluten in will make us very, very unwell. Consuming even the tiniest amount of gluten basically poisons the body of a celiac, and that isn't fun.

Living on a gluten free diet is becoming easier due to the quantity and quality of gluten free foods available, but we're still very restricted. These gluten free food hampers and gluten free gift boxes are absolutely lovely gifts that any celiac would love.

Food is the major issue in any celiacs life, we constantly have to be aware of what we can and can't eat. These gorgeous gluten free gift baskets are like a breath of fresh air, if we want to pig out and eat the entire contents in one go, we can! Totally safe and delicious.

Any gluten free gift is a very thoughtful one, but food is a weak spot. If you buy a celiac gluten free food they will love you forever! You could shy away from this area and go for a gift that doesn't involve thinking about gluten, say electrical goods, clothing, perfume or aftershave. Those gifts though lovely, don't have that personalized touch that giving a gluten free one does.

These gluten free gift baskets and gift boxes are outstanding gluten free gift choices. If you see one that you like the look of, go through to the product page where it will give you a list of all the delicious gluten free goodies included. This is a stand out gift idea for celiacs and people with a gluten intolerance, we may have a restricted diet, but we still love to eat good food!

Gluten Free Cookbooks

Having gluten free recipes to hand is always useful. It's easy to get bored of the same gluten free meals and so having a selection of recipe books gives us a chance to skim through and see what takes our fancy.

This is an excellent gluten free gift idea as it's a great way for celiacs to do meal plans. By choosing recipes for the week, it makes grocery shopping a whole lot easier. Have you been with a celiac to buy groceries? It takes a lot longer for us (especially in the early days when you're just adapting to a gluten free diet) because we have to check every label to make sure that it's gluten free.

Recipe books in general are lovely things to have in the home. Everyone has their favorite meals that they cook time and time again, but it's always nice to experiment. If you have a selection of gluten free recipe books it's a fun challenge to try out new recipes and gain new favorites.

Gluten Free Breadmakers

Shop bought gluten free bread is getting a whole lot better, but speaking from personal experience, it still isn't a good as a homemade loaf or one fresh out of the bakers oven.

If you're buying for a celiac who loves to bake, but doesn't necessarily have the time to do so as much as they would like, these bread makers are ideal gluten free gift ideas.

These breadmakers both have gluten free bread making programs to make the perfect gluten free loaf at home.

If the person your are buying a gluten free gift for doesn't have the time or inclination to make bread by hand, this is a wow factor gift that will fill the home with the gorgeous smell of freshly cooked bread any time they like. It'll sure taste better than the shop bought versions!

Gluten Free Makeup

As mentioned above, I'm a celiac and one of the most annoying things for me when I found out was not being able to put lip gloss or conditioning treatments on my lips through fear that I would get glutened.

No worries about that with these great gluten free lip glosses and lip balms.

If you go through to the Softlips product pages you will find lots more colors and shades to choose from, all gluten free and safe for any celiacs lips!

A gluten free gift doesn't have to cost a lot of money for it to be really special, in this instance, it really is the thought that counts.

Gluten Free Beauty Products

If you aren't putting gluten into your body via your mouth, you probably don't want to put it on your skin.

Here's some lovely gluten free beauty treats at various price points to make into a lovely gluten free gift. If you're feeling creative, you could even choose some to make into a personalized gift basket.


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