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10 Hottest Toys For Girls In 2013

Updated on August 4, 2013

The 10 Hottest And Most-Wished-For Toys For Girls- Gifts For Christmas, Birthdays And Special Occassions

Are you looking for the best gift ideas for girls? Are you still stuck trying to figure out the best toy to buy your daughter, granddaughter, niece, or that special girl in your life? Well help is here and in 10 easy steps I give you 2012's Hottest Toys For Girls. This is a compilation of the top Christmas Toy List from major retailers like Amazon, Toys "R" Us, Walmart and K-mart so you can be sure that these toys are ranking high on every girl's wish list and they are selling fast too.

If you really want to get a gift that will be fully enjoyed and appreciated, you need to have a look first at this list before you begin your shopping. You will find the toys here categorised into two sections, the first for the younger girls and the 2nd section for the "bigger girls". This is to help you find what you are looking for easily and also to make your shopping experience a fun one too.

Click any link for more information and to avail of discount offers available on the web and remember if you start your Christmas shopping early, you will most likely avoid the stress that comes with last minute shopping. Hope you have a wonderful experience here and happy holidays.

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10 Hottest Toys For Girls

Aged 2 Years And Above

The All New Furby - Top Birthday And Christmas Gift

If you are not considering buying a furby this holiday season, then perharps you do not know yet how wonderful and fun this new furby is. The New furby is not your ordinary cuddly soft toy but an interactive robot cuddly toy which talks, dances, feeds, sleeps, wiggles and generally behaves like a pet animal. The new edition Furby is slightly larger, chubbier, sturdier and more interactive than its 1998 counterpart.

With a lot of different personalities and voices that will change regularly depending on how you treat him, your furby will exhibit unique sets of reactions, eye animations, dances, songs and activities and not forgetting that furby will start out speaking furbish and gradually learn to speak English as you communicate with it more.

However, it might be worthy to note that Furby has no volume control nor an off switch and this can be quite disastrous for when you need some peace and quiet in the house but it will take a nap when it gets bored. Overall, an amazing toy that kids and adults alike will enjoy playing with.

Disney Doc McStuffins Time For A Check Up

Ever seen Doc McStuffins children's TV show? Every kid who has seen it is talking about it and wants to BE Doc McStuffins. Yes, they want to be the medical doctor who treats people (or toys) and have fun while doing it. This Doc Mc stuffins Time for Check up kit will enable them act like a doctor, encourage imaginative play and also help build their vocabulary.

One of the hottest toys for Christmas 2012 and kids will have loads of fun playing with it. The kit includes over 10 piece including Lambie, Stuffy and Chilly who when placed on the magic table make some sound.

Disney Doc McStuffins Magic Check Up CenterCHECK PRICE

Baby Butterscotch My Magical Show Pony

The baby butterscotch my magical show pony is an adorable electronic pony figure that responds to touch and can sit, stand or lie down. She moves, whinnies and makes other sounds when you touch and play with her. Very cuddly and its color is very appealing. The pony measures approximately 9 x 21 x 17.4 inches and comes with its own brush for grooming.

Baby Butterscotch My Magical Show Pony FigureCHECK PRICE

My Pillow Pets Rainbow Unicorn

The pillow pets are loved by children of all ages and I can relate with that because the pillow pets are soft, cuddly animals that are so sweet, snuggly and can double as pets and soft pillows. The rainbow unicorn is the newest addition to the family and with its bright colours, it will brighten any childs bedroom and bring smile to their faces everyday.

My Pillow Pets - Rainbow Unicorn - 18" Large Plush ToyCHECK PRICE

Tablet Computers For Kids

There is something about the iPhone, iPad, smartphones and other tablet computers that make kids all the more interested in learning or exploring. My little ones are typical examples, they always want to play disney videos, games, music, and nursery rhymes but I am never comfortable giving them my iPad for fear they would delete important files so getting them their own tablets sounded like a good idea.

The LeapFrog LeapPad 2, VTech Innotab 2 and Tabeo are the hottest tablet computers right now and rightly so because they have been built with the latest in technology and have been made with children in mind. With so many educational apps available, there are loads of benefits for children using tablet computers.

LeapFrog LeapPad2 Explorer, GreenCHECK PRICE

Vtech InnoTab 2 (UK)CHECK PRICE

Barbie Sisters Family CamperCHECK PRICE

Master Moves Mickey (M3)

Learn To Dance With Master Moves Mickey

One of the hottest toys for this season is Master Moves Mickey a.k.a M3! This rock star Mickey will intrigue your youngster especially if he is one that loves music because M3 has got 15 solid and impressive dance moves. With 8 original tracks, 360 spins and funky dance beats, M3 is sure to keep your child entertained for a long time. Playing with Master Moves Mickey will help your child's gross motor skills as they learn to dance together. M3 comes with 6 AA batteries and is recommended for children 2-6 years.

Fisher-Price Master Moves Mickey (M3)CHECK PRICE

Fisher-Price Little People Disney Princess Songs PalaceCHECK PRICE

Lalaloopsy Dolls

The Lalaloopsy dolls are ever so popular and this year they have their newest edition; Lalaloopsy Harmony B sharp which sings, spins and dances and for every hairstyle (6 of them), she plays a different song. The La laloopsy Sew Magical Mermaid Doll - Coral Sea Shells is also new and popular this Christmas and every girl wants it. It stands at about 33cm tall and its hair changes color once iside the water. Will make a very good gift to girls.

Lalaloopsy Harmony B SharpCHECK PRICE

Vtech MobiGo 2 Touch Learning System - OrangeCHECK PRICE

Vtech Electronics MobiGo 2 (Pink)CHECK PRICE

10 Hottest Toys For "Bigger Girls"

7 Years And Above

1D One Direction 12 Dolls: Niall,Liam,Louis,Zayn,Harry (SET OF 5)
1D One Direction 12 Dolls: Niall,Liam,Louis,Zayn,Harry (SET OF 5)

The One Direction boys have done it again with their latest innovation; The One Direction Collector Dolls which are one of the top toys for Christmas 2012. The boys are cute and adorable and so are thier dolls and I bet every 1D One Direction fan would absolutely love to add this to their collectibles.

The Dolls are 12" tall and you can either choose one or more of your favorite or buy the pack of 5 dolls of all 5 boys.


Barbie Collector 2012 Holiday DollCHECK PRICE

Gelarti Designer Studio

With the Gelarti designer studio, girls can create, decorate and accessorize their stickers for use in their bedroom, laptops, books, cards and so on. The Studio is portable and has storage units and comes with 30 stickers, 4 Gelarti paint pens, 6 3D accessories, glitter paint, Gelarti Stickers, 1 Double ended marbling tool and gem tool.

Girls love the Gelarti Designer Studio and no surprise it is among the top most-wished-for toys for Christmas 2012.

Gelarti Designer StudioCHECK PRICE

Nintendo Wii U Console

Will be available for purchase on November 18th on and available on 30th November on but you can preorder now to avoid dissappointment.

Nintendo Wii U Console - Black Deluxe SetCHECK PRICE

LEGO Friends

LEGO Friends is the new LEGO set specifically developed for girls and with so many pieces to put together, so many figures & dolls to play with and so many appliances and furniture to move and rearrange, the fun will never end. Let your child's imagination carry her wherever she pleases as she plays with the ALL NEW LEGO friends.

LEGO Friends Olivia's House 3315CHECK PRICE

Monster High High School Playset

Play with your Monster High friends in a friendly environment

Is your child a fan of Monster High, does your child have monster high dolls? If yes, then she might love to receive the Monster High High School Playset where she can finally have her monster high dolls play, study, gossip, eat and dance. The two story school features the mad science classroom, creepateria, casketball court and lockers where most of the activities from the show take place.

The Monster High High School Playset includes six skull locks, two student desks, Creepateria table with two bowls of food, cauldron, two book-reading gargoyles, Casketball hoop, cup, two pens, frog, two stone towers, DJ booth, two notebooks, blood drink, spirit staff, two spiderweb railings, binder, beaker with lid and many more items.

Monster High High School PlaysetCHECK PRICE

Kindle Fire HD 8.9"CHECK PRICE

If you know another great and hot toy for girls that girls will love and should be mentioned here, please feel free to highlight it here. This is by no means an exhaustive list but at least there are 20 choices here to choose from.

Which Of Our Hottest Toys For Girls Do You Like The Most?

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      Well presented choices for different age groups. This ought to help find some appropriate presents.