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Cool Loki Costumes

Updated on June 28, 2014


In mythology Loki is considered the god of mischief, and is the nemesis of Thor, his adopted brother.

Odin, the father of Thor, adopted Loki, but Loki was always jealous of Thor, and continually looked at ways to undermine and attack him. It didn't matter to Loki who he hurt in his diabolical quest.

That makes great material for costumes, with the two most obvious elements of Loki's persona being his helmet with two horns, along with his scepter.

Of the two, there is no doubt it's his helmet that is the most identifiable and cool part of portraying Loki in costume form.

Without the helmet, it wouldn't be known who you were dressing as.

Loki Cosplay

In the superhero genre, there are always some of the ladies that like to dress up like the female version of a male character, but in the case of Loki, who is an anti-hero, he garners a lot more attention from the ladies - in terms of percentages - than any other male character I've seen.

Loki's Horn Helmet

Since the horn helmet of Loki is the major element of how he looks and is identified by, that is also the accessory that is customized the most by those choosing to wear a costume of the pesky god.

Almost every helmut worn by Loki fans has at least a little difference between them, while some are very different.

For example, some horns are long and almost straight up, having a major curve at the end.

Other Loki horns go off more to the side, and in some cases have a couple of 90 degree turns give a very different look and feel.

Loki's Staff or Scepter

What was interesting to me about Loki costumes was very few decided to include the staff of Loki, with the one that did looking really great, as you can see below in the firsts Loki costume we look at.

To me the staff adds more awesome to the costume, but you can look through the photos below to see what you think.

Obviously you must have the right horned helmet to make the overall costume work, so that remains a factor as well.


Woman in Loki Costume

This lady got a lot of attention at this comic con, as she posed with other super heroes, as well as shining in the spotlight on her own.

Here we have one of the horn helmets that had the horns bent at 90 degree angles. It doesn't look bad, but I think the horns in the first Loki costume photo are better looking, and for some reason, seem to have a more evil look to them that coincide with Loki's personal character.

In the first photo we get a frontal view of the costume, giving a better look at the overall design of the piece. With the second photo we see her posing from a side view, offering a better look at the materials used to make the Loki costume because of the added light.

The green and brown contrasting colors work well together. Also looking pretty cool is the furry cloak and long gloves, which accentuate things nicely. Overall, I like it.

With the last photo we see the costume in its entirely, adding the missing boots which we weren't able to get a good look at in the prior photos. She won an award for the Loki outfit.


Loki Costume at Dragon Con

Here's a snapshot of a attendant of Dragon Con wearing a Loki costume. While I like the horn helmet, the overall costume doesn't do much for me.

It's too bad the gold part of the costume looks so fantastic, as the gray and green underneath simply don't do it justice. I get the feeling he put on a costume and then changed his mind and added the gold part of Loki. In other words, it almost seems like it's two costumes instead of one.

The design of the green and gray part of the costume clash, and the gray just doesn't fit in with the rest.

Additionally, it looks like he's wearing a pair of dress pants rather than the wardrobe of Loki.

I really want to like this because of the outstanding gold part of the costume, but it just doesn't work.


Vibrant Green and Yellow Loki Costume

This muscle Loki costume definitely comes with a lot of flair, with the vibrant green and loud yellow colors.

Choosing a Loki costume like this would be a bold one, but one that would generate a ton of attention, as you can see below.

The faux musculature serves as canvass for the more colorful yellow elements of the costume. My absolute favorite of it is the two skulls on the front of the shoulders. They look awesome.

Did you also notice this Loki's horns are curved differently than the other Loki horn helmets were?

Although this is more of a cartoonish Loki look, the terrific colors and great design overcome that minor detail to make this a highly effective costume.


Loki Costumes

As you can see, Loki inspires a lot of different costume designs, but as mentioned earlier, the horns is what makes the costume, and you have to really mess up bad with a homemade costume to overcome the inherent quality of the mischievous god.

While that was done in the one example, overall, you can see with a little imagination and eye for design, you can create some fantastic Loki costumes to satisfy any costuming fan, to the delight of everyone.

Loki is a very good choice to base a costume on, especially now that he has grown so popular because of his connection to Thor and the Avengers films.


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    • profile image

      kelleyward 5 years ago

      Very interesting costume choices. I'm so glad I read your hubs because they keep me informed in a way I would not seek out on my own. Voted up! Take care, Kelley