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Mickey Mouse Christmas Wallpapers

Updated on August 21, 2015

Christmas Wallpapers Featuring Mickey Mouse and Friends

It seems the most popular cartoon characters are those that have a positive outlook on life, as well as a friendly demeanor. There are exceptions to that, for example, Eeyore in relationship to Winnie the Pooh, but he's more of a supporting character than a lead.

With Mickey Mouse, who is a lead character, he encapsulates the qualities that are positive and friendly Part of what has made him and his friends so wildly popular for decades, and will continue to do so.

That all plays out well for Christmas wallpapers starring the magnificent Mickey Mouse, of whom creator Walt Disney himself liked to remind people concerning the Disney company, it all "started with a mouse." The original name of Mickey was Mortimer, which I don't think would have struck a chord with the public like Mickey has done. Disney's wife had an influence in changing the name to Mickey instead of Mortimer which Walt had wanted.

As for Mickey Mouse Christmas wallpapers, there are a gallery of photos of them that can be quickly accessed and downloaded for use here.

Featured in the Christmas wallpapers are Mickey Mouse himself, Mickey and Minnie Mouse, and Mickey and a group of his friends we all will recognize.

If you need a little Christmas cheer that doesn't come in a bottle, using wallpapers of Mickey Mouse is a great way to achieve it.

Happy Mickey and Minnie Mouse Christmas Wallpaper

It would be very hard to remain in a negative mood when viewing this Christmas wallpaper of Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse with those wonderful smiles on their faces and wearing festive, Christmas Santa hats.

Add to that the wonderful hard Christmas candy surrounding them and it's a terrific image to boost the morale and generate good will for the Christmas holiday season.

The colors are really good and the way the word Christmas is designed with all those designs associated with the holiday really works well. Great wallpaper.

Mickey and Minnie


Christmas Wallpaper of Mickey Mouse as Santa Near Chimney

There are several depictions of Mickey Mouse as Santa with Christmas wallpapers, and this one is among my favorites of those, with Mickey seemingly about to attempt to go down the chimney just as Santa does.

I like the red brick design of the chimney with the accompanying snow on the top of it.

Mickey dressed in the red Santa costume and green bag full of toys is a nod towards using the traditional Christmas colors of green and red in the design.

The purple background with large, falling snowflakes looks great, as does the little angel sounding its trumpet for all to hear; or at least for people nearby to hear.

Mickey Mouse on Rooftop

Mickey Mouse
Mickey Mouse | Source

Mickey and Friends Christmas Wallpaper

I think one of the reasons cartoons are popular even among adults, is just like a well-written novel, there are always characters in them that we recognize as someone we know; or at least they have some characteristics of someone we know.

So when we see a fun Christmas wallpaper of Mickey Mouse and his gang of close friends, it's easy to relate them to many of our friends and family and the diverse personalities that come with them.

This one has a wonderful projection of happiness and camaraderie as the group celebrates Christmas together in front of a fireplace. How about that silly hat Pluto has on? Very funny.


People Dressed in Christmas Mickey and Minnie Costumes

Forget about cartoon Mickey and Minnie Christmas characters, here we have a couple of people dressed up in some very cute Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse Christmas costumes.

Both are great, and the very cute bottom worn by Minnie really makes you laugh. Here shoes are also very compelling, as is that wonderful bow in her hair.

I mention Minnie specifically because Mickey is dressed as he usually is when putting on a Christmas costume.

Now when viewing this it could be very easy to think of yourself as being greeted by the couple. It's a very warm and inviting wallpaper that is sure to inspire and encourage.

Real Mickey and Minnie Mouse


Mickey and Minnie Christmas Wallpaper by Fireplace

Finally we have this amazing look at Mickey and Minnie dressed in their Santa costumes while taking or putting presents from or in a sack.

It seems like, from Minnie appearing to be bringing the present to be placed in the Christmas bag, that the duo are preparing to bring presents to friends.

Either way, this is a fantastic Christmas wallpaper with the roaring, friendly fire warming up the room, and a basket of fruit available to eat. The fireplace mantel scarf is great, as are the rest of the decor and decorations of this warm family room.

Now what's not to like about this wallpaper which should make anyone seeing it feel good?


Mickey Mouse Christmas Wallpapers

It is always a positive experience to see Mickey Mouse in various circumstances, and these Christmas wallpapers featuring Mickey and various friends confirm that fact.

They are light, fun, joyful, and winsome in nature and feel, making one embrace those qualities while viewing the compelling images.

For the Christmas season, or any time for that matter, interacting with these wonderful characteristics makes everyone a little better and happier than they were. That's worth the short time and effort it takes to download and use a Christmas wallpaper of Mickey Mouse and his amazing group of friends.


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