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Minnie Mouse Party Supplies

Updated on August 25, 2011

Having A Minnie Mouse Party?

Here's a comprehensive range of Minnie Mouse party supplies for all your Minnie needs! Looking for Minnie Mouse party tableware such as plates, bowls, cups and napkins? You can find them all here along with Minnie Mouse party invitations, decorations, favors, cake decorations and costumes.

Everything you could need for a Minnie Mouse themed party is listed in different catergories below!

There's also a really great video of a Minnie Mouse cake being decorated step by step, it's quite something to watch! You'll find it at the bottom of the page.

On to the cute Minnie Mouse Party supplies! There's a great range to choose from.

Minnie Mouse Invitations

Start as you mean to go on with these super cute Minnie Party invitations. Let everyone know that your party is going to be Minnietastic as soon as they open the envelope!

Invitations come in paks of 8 with envelopes included.

Minnie Mouse Party Plates and Bowls

Great for no fuss food serving, these party plates are ideal for excitable party guests as there is no concern about breakage and safety issues. They're also a great way to make the clean up job less work.

Minnie party plates come in packs of 8.

The reusable Minnie Mouse bowls are idea for chips and other picky foods and are great way to display them on your party table. These are bought individually.

The Minnie Mouse party theme is a playful, fun way to celebrate a birthday or any other excuse for a party! Keep scrolling for lots more Minnie Party supplies.

Minnie Mouse Party Cups

For a really wow factor party table have matching plates, cups and napkins. The designs are so cute, colorful and fun, not to mention safe. No having to worry about anything breaking and being potentially harmful to your little party guests.

Minnie Mouse Napkins

Napkins are a must have for a kids party, there's always accidental spills. Clean up with these brightly colored Minnie Mouse napkins and inject that theme as much as possible, the kids will simply love it!

Minnie Mouse Fact # 1

Minnie Mouse was born (created) in 1928. She's looking good for her age huh?!

Minnie Mouse Party Decorations

If you are going with a Minnie Mouse theme you have got to take advantage of the great party decorations available!

I kind of feel bad about promoting the idea of kids hitting Minnie around the face with excitement, but then no party is quite complete without a pinata, so that's excusable! However, the pinata to the right comes with strings. Each player takes turns to pull and whoever chooses the right string releases the candy. This pinata holds up to 3 pounds worth, that's a lot of candy!

Create a great photo opportunity for your guests with the life size Minnie Mouse cut out! Have everyone pose individually with Minnie on arrival and print out the photos to give as personalized party favors at the end. It's a great keepsake that will have everyone remembering the party for years to come.

Every party needs balloons, check out the great designs to the right.

Minnie Mouse Fact # 2

Minnie's full name is Minerva Mouse (she shares her first name with Professor McGonagall the Deputy Headmistress of Hogwarts)

Minnie Mouse Fact # 3

Minnie's parents Marcus and Margi are farmers

Minnie Mouse Fact # 4

Pluto's first appearance was as Minnie's pet dog Rover

Minnie Mouse Fact # 5

Minnie has a sister called Mandie Mouse

Minnie Mouse Fact # 6

She's also sometimes known as Princess Minnie and Maestro Minnie

Minnie Mouse Party Favors

No party is complete without party favors and here's some great ideas to suit all budgets.

You can go for a ready made party favor kit such as the box and bag to the right. The favor bag includes: 1 Minnie Mouse treat bag, 1 rubber flower ring, 1 bouncey ball, 1 club house sticker sheet and 1 pink glow necklace.

The Minnie Mouse favor box includes: 1 favor box, 2 Minnie Mouse hair bands, 1 bracelet set, 1 pink heart mirror, 1 pink hair brush, 1 blowout and a Minnie Mouse sticker sheet.

If you would rather make your own favor boxes or bags up with a personal selection of favors, empty favor boxes and bags can be found below.

These can be filled with an assortment of Minnie Mouse goodies, examples of which can be found to the right.

Minnie Mouse Cake Decorations

A Minnie Mouse party needs a Minnie Mouse cake. Here's some great cake toppers to carry on the theme.

If you're feeling adventurous, how about making your own Minnie Mouse cake? You'll find some great Minnie cake pans below.

Making A Minnie Mouse Cake - It's Quite Hypnotic Viewing!


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