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Pumpkin Mugs and Coffee Gift Baskets

Updated on September 22, 2014

Pumpkins Photo on gifts

Shown in Amazon
Shown in Amazon | Source

Pumpkin and Coffee Lover Gifts

First time of the year that we think of pumpkins is around Halloween. Pumpkins are good anytime of the year. For Halloween we turn pumpkins into Jack o' lanterns. Holidays like Thanksgiving and Christmas, pumpkin pie is a favorite dessert.

We have sixteen pumpkins from my garden this year, fourteen of which are shown in front of my house. We had talked about selling some of them. But they look nice sitting out there.

What is not to love about pumpkins?

Besides pumpkin pie, there is pumpkin bars, pumpkin bread, roasting pumpkin seeds and the list goes on. Pumpkin puree is easy to make and healthy. Find the recipe in one of my lenses below.

Pumpkins even look good on gifts. If you are a pumpkin and a coffee lover, there is no better gift then seeing a pumpkin on that mug while drinking rich roasted coffee.

Below are some gift ideas for your pumpkin and coffee lover.

Pumpkins Anytime

All Those Pumpkins Coffee Gift Basket - Great Autumn Gift

All Those Pumpkins Coffee Gift Basket
All Those Pumpkins Coffee Gift Basket

Seasonal Coffee Gift Basket

All Those Pumpkins Coffee Gift Basket will show up on Amazon once you type that into the search bar. It is also on one of the links below for the gourmet gift baskets.

Sandy Mertens Pumpkin Coffee Gift Baskets - View here

What is in the gift baskets?

Contains 15oz mug, BONUS free set of 4 coasters, biscotti and 5 blends of gourmet coffee. French Vanilla, Kenya AA, Decaf Colombian Supremo, Chocolate and Italian Roast Espresso elegantly presented in our signature black planet coffee gift box. A very nice and thoughtful gift for any occasion.

Pumpkin Patch at Night - Photo on the coffee gifts

Pumpkin Patch at Night
Pumpkin Patch at Night

Artwork of the pumpkin patch on gifts

I have often seen cartoons where is it nighttime. Most of the time there is a full moon. This haunting animated artwork takes us to a pumpkin patch. It looks so eerie there in the dark of the night. Suddenly we see a ghost appear from the other side of one of the large pumpkins.

To me a pumpkin patch at night is frightening. I can imagine all types of spirits and haunting creatures circling around me.

Pumpkin Veggie Face - Photo on mugs, coasters and more

Pumpkin Veggie Face
Pumpkin Veggie Face

A Pumpkin with an edible face

This creation came straight from my kitchen with vegetables and tomatoes (fruit) from my garden. Hint celery leaves can clog up the garbage disposal. It ended up to be a very expensive creation.

The Pumpkin Veggie Face Coffee Gift Basket use to be on Amazon. Now it is only shown on To find it click on the Coffee Gift Basket link to the left side on the home page. This will bring you to the index page for this gift. Scroll down about 3/4's down the page until you see the Sandy Mertens Halloween Food Coffee Gift Basket page. Once you click on that you will see this adorable veggie face is on a page all to itself. It is that special.

Search for the Sandy Mertens Halloween Designs Coffee Gift Basket page the same way for more Halloween gourmet gift packages.

Halloween Pumpkins

Pumpkins For Halloween Coffee Gift Baskets - Great gift ideas

Pumpkins For Halloween Coffee Gift Baskets
Pumpkins For Halloween Coffee Gift Baskets

Available on Amazon See Above for the Link

Nothing better than enjoying gourmet coffee in your favorite mug along with cool durable coasters.

Wonderful Pumpkin Photos on Gifts

These are just a few showing in the image above of the many pumpkin coffee gift basket photo designs that are available. Enjoy all the different pumpkin photos and designs on the mugs and coasters that are in these coffee gift sets. Along with these wonderful high quality and lead free products is the great tasting gourmet coffee.

After seeing this gift that we gave to some friends, the photos on the mug and coasters was bright and vivid. It looked excellent. Our friends enjoyed the coffee samples too.

Jack o' Lanterns Coffee Gift Baskets - They can be friendly or scary

Jack o' Lanterns Coffee Gift Baskets
Jack o' Lanterns Coffee Gift Baskets

Jack o' Lantern Coffee Gift Baskets

Only a few of these Jack o' Lantern coffee gift baskets are shown on Amazon. Many more are found on 3DRose on these pages.

Sandy Mertens Vintage Halloween Designs Coffee Gift Basket Page

Sandy Mertens Halloween Food Designs Coffee Gift Basket Page

Besides more coffee gift baskets to view with the link above, what is the difference here?

With the pumpkin coffee mugs and coasters, these are products with the images of pumpkins before they are craved into faces, which happened to be mixed with the faces on the pumpkins. In this section, all the pumpkins have carved faces that are called Jack o' Lanterns.

Gourmet Coffee Samplers

Coffee We Love - Flavored or Plain Coffee

Flavored Coffee Anyone?

My husband drinks regular roasted coffee. He refuses to drink coffee with any type of flavor added. This includes creamers too. What about you?

Time for you to answer

Do you prefer flavored coffee or regular tasting coffee?

Love the different favors?

Love the different favors?

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    • Yvette Munro 4 years ago

      Really colourful and interesting lens.

    • ItsAngel LM 6 years ago

      I really love different flavors,

    • BuckHawkcenter 6 years ago

      I have to have my plain coffee first thing in the morning, but I adore a flavored cup later in the morning!

    • happynutritionist 6 years ago

      I love adding flavored creamers to my "regular" Arabica Bean coffee. If I buy flavored, it is usually hazelnut...I think I need to experiment more!

    • anonymous 6 years ago

      Both...straight-up and with flavors and sweeteners. ... Love my coffee over tea all day, evening I switch to tea.

      Oh did I get off topic?

    • Heather Burns 6 years ago from Wexford, Ireland

      Coffee and flavors, yum!

    • capriliz lm 6 years ago

      On occasion I enjoy the flavored coffee. But my favorite is rich French roast.

    Coffee should taste like coffee, no flavors added.

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      • Patricia 6 years ago

        I prefer regular tasting coffee

      • DecoratingEvents 6 years ago

        I pretty much stick to coffee tasting like coffee. I already take in too many calories in other foods, so straight, black coffee is one treat that doesn't add to my waistline.

      • SacredCynWear 6 years ago

        I love caramel macchiato's but my coffee should taste like coffee, for the most part.

      • Lisa Auch 6 years ago from Scotland

        Regular I am afraid, and lots of it!

      • Rhonda Albom 6 years ago from New Zealand

        we roast our own beans - so no extra flavors are needed.

      • jolou 6 years ago

        Definitely regular.

      Flavored Gourmet Coffee Gift Sampler - 9 Flavors of Coffee

      Black Mountain Gold, Flavored Gourmet Coffee Gift Sampler - 30 Count
      Black Mountain Gold, Flavored Gourmet Coffee Gift Sampler - 30 Count

      Ideal for a gift! An assorted mix of our 9 flavored blends are included to make up 30 units total, a perfect one month supply!


      Enjoy Some Pumpkin Coasters

      Halloween Pumpkins on Coasters

      These are just a few of the many coasters on the Sandy Mertens Halloween Food Designs Coaster page on 3DRose. Search for it about 3/4's down the coaster index page.

      Buy the mugs separately

      Halloween Mugs

      See these and many more on the Sandy Mertens Halloween Designs Mug page on 3DRose.

      More Pumpkin Coffee Gift Baskets - Wonderful Unique Gifts

      Available on 3DRose under Sandy Mertens when you skim down the list of designers, down about 3/4's of the page you will then come up to the pages with Halloween coffee gift baskets, which also includes pumpkin photos and designs on these gifts. Majority of these are only sold on this site and not be listed on Amazon. On 3DRose, once you buy three gift baskets, there is no shipping fee. Plus they have a 30 day money back guarantee if not satisfied.

      Enjoy the many pumpkin and other scary Halloween designs on these coffee treasures.

      Sandy at Your Service

      Need help writing an article or creating an e-book. Maybe you need a cover for your e-book? Hire Sandy and get rid of the stress of having to do it all yourself. Contact me at

      What do you think of gourmet coffee gift sets?

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        • capriliz lm profile image

          capriliz lm 6 years ago

          Very nice gift baskets, Sandy.

        • jolou profile image

          jolou 6 years ago

          Lovely gift ideas and baskets.

        • RhondaAlbom profile image

          Rhonda Albom 6 years ago from New Zealand

          Nice gift baskets on a great looking lens.

        • LisaAuch1 profile image

          Lisa Auch 6 years ago from Scotland

          Great selection of Gift baskets, I would love to recieve one of those

        • profile image

          ohcaroline 6 years ago

          Nice selection here.

        • profile image

          tssfacts 6 years ago

          I like the selections you have picked out.

        • Heather426 profile image

          Heather Burns 6 years ago from Wexford, Ireland

          Gorgeous coffee gift baskets and pumpkin mugs!

        • seashell2 profile image

          seashell2 6 years ago

          Awesome selection of coffee and gift baskets... :-)

        • profile image

          anonymous 6 years ago

          Cute Pumpkin Mugs lens. I think coffee would definitely taste better in a pumpkin mug. :)

          I'll send you my address if you want to send me a gift basket, k?

        • profile image

          happynutritionist 6 years ago

          I like your gift own design on Amazon, that is wonderful. As always, a beautiful page.

        • SacredCynWear profile image

          SacredCynWear 6 years ago

          You have wonderful gift baskets here! These fall gift baskets are sure to warm anyone! I especially like the Cafe Comforts coffee gift set

        • DecoratingEvents profile image

          DecoratingEvents 6 years ago

          This is an excellent collection! Thanks for sharing your Pumpkin wares!

        • TreasuresBrenda profile image

          Treasures By Brenda 6 years ago from Canada

          Interesting gift baskets! I don't drink any I passed on your discussion earlier.

        • sukkran trichy profile image

          sukkran trichy 6 years ago from Trichy/Tamil Nadu

          one more wonderful gift lens from you sandy.

        • ZenandChic profile image

          Patricia 6 years ago

          I love the pumpkin photo design!

        • profile image

          andrew69 4 years ago

          I don' like to eat pumpkins, but love what you can do with them.

        • esmonaco profile image

          Eugene Samuel Monaco 2 years ago from Lakewood New York

          Roasted pumpkin seeds are my favorite, and I love anything to do with gift baskets, as I had a small gift basket business at one time. Very nice :)

        • SandyMertens profile image

          Sandy Mertens 2 years ago from Frozen Tundra

          esmonaco Just something special about gift baskets. They just feel so warm.

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