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Valentine's Day Inflatables and Yard Décor

Updated on August 20, 2013

Show the world your love with Valentine's Day inflatables for your yard.

Valentine's Day Inflatables

There's no good reason to reserve lawn inflatable lawn decorations for just the Christmas season! Why not continue your holiday spirit right into February by investing in a few Valentine Day inflatables for the yard. All of the lawn inflatable Valentine's Day decorations that I've chosen are all self inflating and self inflating for easy storage.

So, if you're a romantic and want to show your love, there's no better way than to have your lover wake up on February 14th to Valentine's Day decorations. What are you waiting for? Get buying!

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Updated 31DEC12

Inexpensive (cheap!) Valentine's Day inflatable for the yard

You won't believe how cheaply you can decorate your yard with these Valentine's Day inflatables. Click on either image and be prepared to be amazed...

4 Foot Inflatable Frog with Heart "Be My Valentine" - romantic Valentines Gifts for Couples, Cute Valentine's Day Gift Ideas, Good Couple Gifts for Valentines, Romantic Anniversary GiftsCHECK PRICE

4 Foot Valentine's Inflatable Lovely Heart "Be My Valentine" - romantic Valentines Gifts for Couples, Cute Valentine's Day Gift Ideas, Good Couple Gifts for Valentines, Romantic Anniversary GiftsCHECK PRICE

Sometimes, the best Valentine's Day decorations are free...

Sometimes, the best Valentine's Day decorations are free...
Sometimes, the best Valentine's Day decorations are free...

And a not so cheap Valentine's Day decoration for the yard

This is one expensive Valentine's Day Inflatable

This animated Valentine's Decoration is way more expensive than the other inflatables - I guess that's because it's animated. The big heart rotates. Sadly, there's not much more information I can glean from the Amazon description, but I can assure you it is expensive.

Six Foot Animated Valentine's Day Inflatable Heart Case Pack 4 PiecesCHECK PRICE

5 Foot Valentine's Inflatable Hearts & Cloud - Yard Blow Up Decoration, Romantic Valentines Gift for Couples - A cute gift idea for Valentine's Day

This adorable Valentine's Day inflatable will show your love in all it's 5' glory. Inflated size is 59 length x 28 width x 36 height. The enclosed fan will inflate this lawn decoration in minutes. A light will illuminate this inflatable during evening hours. Tethers and stakes included.

My Valentine makes me laugh

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Valentine Window Clings CHECK PRICE

Lighted Heart Valentine's Day Window DecorationCHECK PRICE

Surround your love every night with a Valentine's Day gift of a lip pillow

I just think these pillows are too cute. They'd be great in any bedroom decor.

5 years of un-wedded bliss!

5 years of un-wedded bliss!
5 years of un-wedded bliss!

Show your Valentine you care with this pretty outdoor flag

A step above the rest, this classy Valentine's Day flag would be the perfect decoration to wake up to on February 14.

Valentines Day Garden Flag Vinyl 12.5" x 18"
Valentines Day Garden Flag Vinyl 12.5" x 18"

This Valentines Day Garden Flag is printed on sturdy vinyl and measures 12.5" x 18". Note: the holder is sold separately.


Toland Home Garden Heart & Flowers FlagCHECK PRICE

Cupids Arrow - Happy Valentines Day FlagCHECK PRICE

Toland Home Garden Heart Trio FlagCHECK PRICE

Happy Valentine's Day 3x5 Foot Polyester FlagCHECK PRICE

Redand Pink Hearts Valentines Day FlagCHECK PRICE

Toland Home Garden Balloon Hearts Garden FlagCHECK PRICE

Please leave me a comment to let me know you stopped by.

Here's your chance to tell me your favorite Valentine's Day story!

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    • profile image

      Grace 2 years ago

      Only just found your site (i haven't been blogging long lol)so much lolevy work here i must say ;)and just so happens that I have just made a card with hearts for my parents anniversary off to update my post to include your blog ;)

    • mariacarbonara profile image

      mariacarbonara 4 years ago

      Haha that six foot heart is the best. Imagine a secret admirer blowing that up and leaving it outside your front door

    • profile image

      lainesely5 4 years ago

      Really nice lens. Everyone like it.

      This video is sharing some great ideas for gifts for him ... have a look -

    • sdtechteacher profile image

      sdtechteacher 5 years ago

      Cute decorations!

    • PNWtravels profile image

      Vicki Green 5 years ago from Wandering the Pacific Northwest USA

      Great Valentine's Day inflatables and other ideas, too! Love all of the photos of you and your Valentine!