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50 Reasons Why This Lady is So Awesome

Updated on October 11, 2012



DECEMBER 21, 2011

We decided to take a Plane to Texas. We landed at Dallas-FW Airport. With our Men in Black, but with a hot look. It was certainly darn hot at that Airport, which was named after ex President Bush's father.





After being thrown out from the American Airlines plane for, yep!, throwing up on an old timer's cold plate, we ended up in this city called Brownsville. We found a taxi and asked the taxi driver to take us to a decent Hotel. He suggested "LA QUINTA INN", and we went in.

To our utmost surprise, we were able to tape this video and of course you will find out who she was, duh! We made sure she would not realize we were there learning about her, here she is, our AWESOME HUBBER FOR TODAY!:

Time to introduce MissOlive!!

50 reasons why Miss Olive is so awesome!

  1. She can teach
  2. She can read, duh!
  3. She loves Sunshine, Kelly, ASK Susan, and the Rat PACK from HP (Who are they?)
  4. Homo graphically speaking, she can present us to her presents from his class
  5. She graduated H.S. in 84! Yeah BABY!
  6. She can correct homework, and re-tweet and Google and STUMBLE UPON, one of her Hubs!!
  7. Sorry, Epi, saddlerider1, Carl the Critic, She is taken!
  8. She is the sweetest mom to her son and daughter!
  9. She is an Autism advocate
  10. She is a foodie, meaning you can have a cake from her, every day!
  11. Her daughter is her muse. Waiting for that hub! : My daughter is still my muse"
  12. Her hubby is her rock, except on Superbowl Sunday. Go! Cowboys!!
  13. She can help us with reading and comprehension. Okay Class!! Pay attention!
  14. She can boost your Online traffic. My car broke down...I need a boost!!
  15. She writes poems....those eclectic ones ( lost in translation), every now and then...!
  16. She still hates the sound of a 'piece of chalk' on the blackboard
  17. She hates Cheaters
  18. She can take an apple with a tender smile, and say Hi!!
  19. She can teach struggling and reluctant readers; Okay Congressmen! Line yourself up!
  20. She is a professional hat Juggler! You can 'Ask Susan' about this one!
  21. If she cannot..or is not.., or can't go to the Moon to teach a Class, she will Pop! Not a pretty sight.
  22. She told us about that "girl next door", from her class.
  23. She is Special Ed. certified!!
  24. She doesn't take anything for granted!!
  25. She knows 'so well' about public tantrums and repetitive request for a Toy!
  26. She, Lord de cross and JT Walters, have a son with different shades of Autism ( spectrum)
  27. She knows so much about persistence and determination
  28. Her therapy are us. Did you know that Sunshine?
  29. She hates running out of ink, when she is almost done with her finals on Dec. 24, 11.59 p.m.
  30. She can explain to us about Organic, and long term external traffic for our hubs.
  31. She holds a Bachelor’s Degree in dance. Okay JLO, move out of the way!!
  32. She can play the flute...what else can she do? Windows too?
  33. Her philosophy can be resume in three words: Live, learn and teach! That was easy!
  34. She loves meeting new hubbers..well just in here and on her social networking sites!
  35. She can mix blueberries, green tea and Matcha more! Stir and serve!
  36. She can suggest how to "bling bling" your hubs! Sounds like cash!
  37. She can help you with creating personalized headers.
  38. She is adorable for her female friends, Am I wrong? Hi!
  39. She can dump some weight on us, before end of year resolution with her 'apple dump cake'
  40. She Thanks every day for our company, and a family of our own at HP.
  41. She can help us to cook that Chilly with jalapenos, green peppers and hot sauce!! Omg!
  42. Her smoothies recipes are the Bomb! Don't forget the 'Matcha maker' Purple power!!
  43. Hi!
  44. She can teach Angry Idioms to those 'Angry Birds' Class.
  45. She feels like an employee of HP, with her own platform!
  46. Her imagery and words are connected with her AdSense revenue....say what?
  47. She still juggles our minds with her witty smile. Hi!
  48. She is an amazing Teacher. Okay Arlene Poma, Fpherj48, Sunshine, 'ask Susan', you guys are late for her class!
  49. We never tried her hams and olives recipe
  50. She can laugh all day, like right now.....Ho-ho-ho! Merry Christmas!!

CLASS!! here is your Homework!


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