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Blood Fix Part 5

Updated on June 11, 2012

By J.C. Delfino

Parts 1-4

Part 5

He stood up slowly, glaring at Chloe. He felt a fire burning within him. She had done this, she had taken Angela away from him. He clenched his fists as he stepped over the still remains of the woman he loved. His next steps carried him building on his momentum as he crossed the floor toward where Chloe was waiting. He pulled his fist back ready to go against everything he had ever believed. Never hit a woman. There was something about Chloe that called to the animal nature deep within him, part of him wanting to strike her down, another part wanting to wrap his arms around her and embrace her.

He swung with everything he had connecting squarely against her jaw. He felt the sharp pain like tiny slivers of glass slicing though his hand. He looked down and saw the blood flowing around small fragments of bone that pin holed his hand. He grabbed his bloodied fist and pulled it close to his chest, his eyes rolling with pain, he felt weak and nauseous at the same time. His head spun and he tumbled forward, into the waiting arms of Chloe.

“If only I could kill you now.” She stated as hoisted him up into her arms and walked across the room back toward the bed he wished he had never climbed out of. The only break in her fluid walk was when she stepped over the body of Angela, the woman he loved.

The dogs had formed a pack now away from the town, they had built upon their numbers throughout the night, now they felt the calling of the father. They were headed home.

The pit led the pack, while the poodle followed some distance behind the last dog, it’s little legs trying their best to get home. The drool still foamed upon its muzzle as it sprinted forward, spraying the dense underbrush that the little dog tore through. Occasional thorns had torn at the dog at it bled from numerous wounds but still it ran. The destination was ahead somewhere, it knew the call had been made, and it was defenseless to resist it.

From far ahead high in his self-imposed cliff cave prison he heard the sounds of the barking and growling. He crawled toward the cave's entrance and lying on his belly looked down at the pack of dogs at least ten more likely twenty he thought to himself. The paced around the clearning below looking up at him and howling, somehow he felt they were calling him, wanting him somehow to lead them. He shuddered at the joy this brought to him. He would answer the call, he would lead them. The thought repulsed him but at the same time it brought him great joy. His children had come home.


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