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Breaking all the Rules - Book Review Monica Robinson

Updated on April 21, 2012

I had mixed emotions when I purchased this love story, as the summary seemed simple, uneventful, and basic. The only reason that I went for it was the cheap price offered for the Kindle edition. I was also hoping to be pleasantly surprised.

I was accurate on my first assumptions that the story would be basic and uneventful. Yes, Monica Robinson offered a decent plot, but there was a lot missing, as though when writing the book, she skimmed the basics.

There were parts where Robinson took into account details, but then there were other parts where she merely summarized the idea that she was hoping to portray.

I enjoyed the aspect of a man willing to do what the woman of his desires wants in order to get that next date, but it's a simple concept that is nothing more than mere truths that men do in real life- LIE.

When I read a romance novel, I like to have some truths or reality basis, but at the same time, I want something a little different. I prefer men with realistic qualities, but at the same time qualities that are so perfect that they nearly never exist in 'real' men. This story tells a realistic tale of a woman so hurt by a man that she never wants a real relationship again, and a tale of a man who just doesn't ever plan on having a serious relationship.

Allie McAllister is a published writer who has a wild side. After getting badly hurt by her last serious boyfriend, she decides to create rules for future relationships that will prevent her from having her heart broken.

Adam Carlton is a successful defense lawyer who comes from a very prominent family- father is a lawyer and mother is an author.

Adam went with his friend to celebrate having his first book bought, and his friend wanted to go to the bar where Allie works, as Allie was his writing tutor. After seeing her, Adam must have her. Of course, throughout the book Allie starts to fall for Adam, and Adam is stuck in a lie that he told her about the possibilities of writing his own novel.

Another relationship based off of a lie, but how is either party supposed to tell the other that there are real feelings involved, not just a 'no strings attached' relationship? That's pretty simple when Erica (Adam's ex and coworker) spills the beans about Adam's lie.

Will Adam get Allie back? How?

It's a really simple concept, but the overall storyline just wasn't my thing. I guess the storyline is too true to home, as I've considered a more carefree and uncomplicated relationship so as not to get hurt again.

I did enjoy the book, but there wasn't anything that surprised me. There needed to be more conflict.


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    • icciev profile image

      icciev 6 years ago from Kuwait

      thanks Whitney05 for this overview about such interesting story, voted up.