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Tempt the Devil - Book Review Connie Mason

Updated on April 21, 2012

Book Review

Lately, I've been getting into romance novels- not necessarily the hot and steamy, nothing but sex novels, but those with actual love stories, conflict, and desires.

When I purchased 'Tempt the Devil,' I wasn't so sure if it would be a book that I would thoroughly enjoy, as it is still considered a historical romance. I'm more of a modern romance or a vampire romance kind of girl. I just wasn't so sure about the pirate romance.

The book started off pretty good. I was interested from the start. I was trying something new, and I wasn't sure what to expect.

The book starts with Lady Devon and her father attending the hanging of a notorious pirate- Diablo. As the story progresses, Diablo escapes, kidnaps Lady Devon, and promises her safe return. It's the typical romance of a man using a woman to get what he wants- safety for himself and his men.

Lady Devon is a sheltered woman who immediately sees and feels chemistry with Diablo, unfortunately, she is engaged to marry another man.

Throughout the book- page 1 till the end- the chemistry between Devon and Diablo is obvious. Diablo wants Devon sexually, and Devon refuses until she cannot deny herself any longer.

The overall book was enticing to read with pirates battling, killing, drinking, and a love story, but there were too many abductions and disappearances. Lady Devon is not only kidnapped by Diablo twice, but by her fiance'. She even leaves Diablo, willingly, somewhere in the middle of it all to return home and run away from Diablo. There is too much leaving and running and overall abduction.

There is, on the other hand, great conflict- both internal and external. Although, some of it is a little much, such as the destruction of Diablo's island and people, but this plot only reinforces the madness of the fiance'.

She wants to marry, but she doesn't want boredom nor a mundane life, but at the same time as her feelings for Diablo grow, she knows she cannot live a life with a pirate, never knowing what will happen and whether Diablo will return alive and safe.

After serious thought, Diablo decides to take his rein back into the family that deserted him in attempts to prove his seriousness to Devon. But, in the middle of Diablo's (Kit) attempt to recreate his life as a noble man, he must fight off Scarlett and Devon's fiance. There is a lot of conflict throughout the book, as well as many plots that thicken the main story.

I was pleased by the overall novel, but there was still frustration throughout. Connie Mason could have left out a few disappearances, and lessened the overall conflict just a half of a notch, and the romance book would have still been passionate.


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