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Tempt the Devil - Book Review Anna Campbell

Updated on April 21, 2012

Book Review

After writing my review for 'Tempt the Devil' by Connie Mason, I noticed that there was another romance novel also titled 'Tempt the Devil.' I decided to go ahead and read another romance book.

I bought the book for my Kindle app on my Samsung Galaxy Tablet, and finally got started reading it a few days, or weeks, later (I can't remember which).

I'll admit, that I wasn't really into the book until about half-way. I'd probably give the novel another try with more interest, but for now, I'm focusing on the Twilight books, as I'll sadly admit that I haven't read them yet.

Anyway, when reading 'Tempt the Devil' by Anna Campbell, I found that I skimmed a lot of the text. I read the dialogue and most of the descriptions and text, but there was so much that I just sort of skimmed over. And, this is a book that I didn't miss much when skimming.

I will readily admit that Campbell knows how to write her love scenes, drawing them out pages, in some cases.

But, as for the rest of the story, especially the first half, that I had no interest. The first chapter, for example, lost me, and I can't remember much about it other than the descriptions of Olivia in the first chapter didn't seem to match the beautiful descriptions that Lord Erith saw in the rest of the book.

Also, at the end, I was confused about the length of time that they were away. At first, it seemed that Campbell described a few weeks, then months, which turned into four months separated. I'm still confused, but the author seemed to keep with four months longer than she kept with a few weeks. The longer separation worked better for the story, anyway.

The overall novel was another leisure historical romance.

Olivia Raines was a professional and well known courtesan. Lord Erith was a known playboy, so to speak. Neither wanted anything other than a physical relationship, but it didn't take long for the chemistry and the emotions to follow suit.

Lord Erith found that Olivia was an interesting woman who he needed to protect and teach passion. Olivia found Lord Erith passionate and detestable at the same time.

The internal conflict was much greater than any external conflict between characters. I like books with the right amount of conflict, but in a way, I could see where one coudl find that internal character conflicts matching the external conflict.

Anyway, this is another historical romance novel, that is worth the buy. Just make sure you're in the mood to read it, or like me, it will take several chapters before the storyline really gets good.


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