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Immortal Heart - Book Review Julie Miller

Updated on April 21, 2012

I wanted something a little different when I found this romance novel. I found I've been reading too many vampire romances, and not enough of everything else. I haven't been getting a good perspective on romance novels, as it's my new genre of choice lately.

With this novel, I've found it's more of a historical-fantasy-type ordeal. You have an 800 year old knight, a sorcerer who's trying to gain power, and both are mixed into the modern world with computers and sassy women.

Reading the prologue, I really had no clue where Miller was taking this book. The book starts with Brodie in the 1200s trying to protect an innocent town during a feud with the town's lord, which happens to be a sorcerer. Brodie accidentally kills the lord's daughter in attempts to stop the killing, but in turn, dooms himself to an immortal life where everyone he loves will die- not of old age, but the curse set forth by the sorcerer.

Fast forwarding the chapter one, we find BJ and the partners of LadyTech battling internal corruption of their company. Someone is stealing their ideas, and they can't figure out how, as BJ is the only one who knows the codes. Brodie is hired by one of the partners, who's belated husband served with him in the military.

Brodie Maxwell shows up at LadyTech with his scars and disfigurement from 800 years of life to find that BJ is a fairly plain woman, who's too smart for her own good.

The truth behind hiring Brodie is to help figure out BJ's loss of conscious and episodes, as it's thought that these episodes are the cause of the internal corruption and pirating.

Of course BJ and Brodie fall for each other, but Brodie knows that loving BJ will only doom her death. The only way to cure the curse is for someone he loves to willingly die to save him.

Brodie fights his growing love for BJ throughout the novel, while trying to help her overcome the brainwashing she's succumbed. The trouble is that BJ's beloved mentor and substitute father is the one behind the entire ordeal.

Brodie must figure out how to help BJ, maintain her trust, and keep her safe from the curse.

Although, I found a handful of spelling errors and grammatical concerns with the kindle version of the novel, it's probably been one of the better romance novels that I've read. I even found myself near tears toward the end. (I won't give away any of the plots, so you'll have to buy the book to figure out what happens and why it was so sad.)

Miller is really able to grab the readers attention and make the reader (me) feel attachment for BJ. She's a real person with the love of her little toy dog to help her through. People see what they want to see, but animals tend to see the truth about people.

There's a lot to see and read in this book, and with Brodie's physical scars and BJ's emotional ones, you never know exactly what's going to happen...

This is one book, I'd definitely recommend. It's a little romance with a lot of everything else. The suspense as to how Brodie will help BJ without dooming her soul is enough to keep the pages turning.

His love for her tears him away to save her.


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