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Chip & Pin : Winning the Great Car Rally - A Children's Story

Updated on March 18, 2011

Winning the Great Rally...

One very wet Tuesday afternoon during the summer holidays, Chip was busy playing in his bedroom on the games console.

It didn't matter if it was raining or not, Chip was always in his bedroom. He never played outside as he was really scared of the hooded bullies, who hung around at the end of his street.

Chip didn't really care. He had made his own little world, which he would escape to by playing on his games console. Chip spent hours and hours playing the games with his only friend, who was his little grey pet mouse called Pin. Pin was a small, skinny mouse with with a very long tail and big round ears. He loves to sit on Chip's shoulder to watch him playing his games in his bedroom. Chip's mum laughs, because Chip talks to Pin all the time as if he understands every word.

As Chip had been watching the world championships of the car rallies on the TV with his stepdad earlier, he decided to play one of his old car rally games on his games console. "Pin" said Chip trying to find his little friend, "today, we are going to beat that Angus McDuff, world champion rally driver". Pin just looked at Chip and rubbed his eyes with his paws as if to say "yeah right". "We are going to win this time Pin" added Chip as the game started to load up.

This games console was not like the one you or I can buy in the shops. Instead of being black or silver, Chip's game console was dark blood red with a picture of a gold dragon on the lid. What Chip like was the way the Fire-starter dragon brightly lit up and shone on his bedroom ceiling while the game was loading up. Chip's Step-Dad or Mum didn't know it, but this was a magical box.

Chip waited for the game to load, and watched as the huge dragon appear on his bedroom ceiling. It was so bright, it made him close his eyes tight. When Chip opened his eyes again, He was standing next to a blue rally car in the middle of the countryside. Chip looked into the car. “Will you hurry up and get in” shouted the driver, “we are loosing time”. Chip opened the door and jumped in. “Strap yourself in, we are going to have to floor the peddle” said the driver

Before Chip had got the six seat belt straps fastened and the helmet on, the rally driver had blasted off down the road making the wheels squeal. “Wow” said Chip as the car snaked left and right as the driver fought for grip. The driver threw Chip a book and asked him to read the pace notes, so he could drive faster. Chip looked at the book which was full of numbers and arrows. “It doesn't make any sense to me at all” said Chip.

It wasn't the driver that answered him, but a voice behind him. “It's the driver's pace notes to tell him where the corners and straight sections of the road are so he can go really fast” said Pin. Chip turned around to see his go friend Pin sitting in the back of the car hanging on for all his life. “What on earth are you doing here Pin?” asked Chip “Well, the rally driver, stopped and offered me a lift “ replied Pin.

“I wanted him to read the pace notes for me” said the driver, “but that daft mouse cannot read”. “Then we seen you, and Pin said you could read the notes as you have played rally games before” added the driver. Chip looked down at the book and said “well, I will try, but I am too short and can't see over the top of the dashboard”. Pin started to look around the back for something for Chip to sit on so he could see out of the car’s windscreen. “Will this do Chip ?” asked Pin dragging out a picnic basket from the back of the cramped rally car.

“Hey” shouted the driver, “that's my lunch you have there, but if it does the job, Chip can sit on it”. With Chip sitting higher he could see out of the windscreen, he started to call out the pace notes to the driver. The rally driver was able to go faster and faster along the muddy track. “Yes” shouted the driver, “we are starting to gain on the leader again”Pin hung on as the car threw him from side to side as it slid around each corner nearly sideways.

Chip read out the pace notes “five left leading to crest, caution long jump” “Oh good” shouted the driver, “everybody smile as we go over this big jump” Chip and Pin looked at each other wondering why they had to smile. The car was going so fast it actually took off when it hit the jump. As the car flew through the air hundreds of cameras flashed as the people watching the rally took pictures and waved.

Moments later the car landed very hard half way down the road with a loud bang. Chip thought it was Pin backing his head on the car roof, but it was actually the large rear bumper of the rally car dropping off. “Whoops” shouted the driver, “ I think we have lost something”. “Something” said Pin looking out of the back window, “that something is half of the back of the car”. Everybody looked back to see the car's rear bumper sitting in the middle of the road.

“Don't worry it's only to make the back of the car look pretty, we will get another one when we reach the service area shortly” said the driver. “We are not going to get far if we keep loosing big bits of car like that” added Pin. “Have faith” said the driver as they speeded off down the road, “I haven't crashed yet”. “I am glad of that” added Chip “but what happen to your co-driver?” “Well” said the driver, “He ate a rotten hot dog last night in the pub, and now he just can't get off the toilet.

Chip & Pin laughed, “He is really in the hot seat now” giggled Chip.Just then, a voice on the car's radio system bellowed “stop laughing and concentrate on winning that rally for the team” “Whoops” said the driver, “ the team boss is not happy, we had better get on with getting this car to the finish line” Chip looked down at his pace notes, and started to call out the directions again. The car raced down the road with a long trail of dust clearly marking the route they had just travelled.

The next stage, they went so fast that they actually got 1 second ahead of Angus McDuff, world champion rally driver. "We could win this now thanks to you Chip and Pin" beamed the driver.'Just one stage to go and all to play for" added the driver. "Just keep them directions coming Chip, and we will leave McDuff eating our dirt" he said.

As the car rolled up to the start line, the marshals counted down the seconds. "Three, two, one - Go" he screamed while slapping the car roof hard. The car screamed off the starting line with all four tyres screaming in pain as the driver floored the accelerator peddle. Such was the force of the start that Pin was stuck to the inside of the rear window.

"Stop messing about Pin" shouted Chip as he struggled to read the notes. "I am not messing, I was thrown against the window by the fast get-away. "You keep your eyes on the road and stop worrying about me" said Pin as he struggled to hang on tight. This was the final stage and they must stay ahead of Angus McDuff to win.

Half way into the stage disaster struck. The driver didn't see a large pothole in the road, which the car hit hard. The huge bang broke loose the two fasteners on the car's bonnet, which flipped open tight against the car's windscreen. "Sherbert" said Chip “I can't see a thing” as the car rolled to a stop.

'You can say that again" as the driver took off his gloves and threw them down on the floor. "That's it, McDuff has won yet again" cursed the driver. "Maybe not" said Pin. "Chip can you see out of the small gap between the bottom of the bonnet and the car?" asked Pin "Yes" said Chip, "but why?" he added.

"Well" said Pin, "the driver reckons he could drive blindfolded if someone can call good pace notes" Both the driver and Chip look at each other, and nodded together. "Right Chip, you call the directions and I will drive as best as I can" shouts the driver as he re-starts the car. With Chip's face pressed up hard against the bottom of the windscreen, he starts to shout out directions.

Slowly at first, the rally car starts to gather speed as the driver gets more confident. "Sherbert, this is hard cries" Chip as the damaged car races through the countryside with the bonnet covering the windscreen. "Don't worry" shouts the driver, "this a very short stage". A 100 yards further down the road Chip shouts out "we have another problem"

"Oh no, how much more bad luck can we get" says the driver as he shakes his head. "It's Angus McDuff's car on its roof in a field beside the road and there is fire coming out of the back" cries Chip The driver slams on the brakes hard to bring the car to a rapid stop. He stops so hard that Pin ends up pasted to the front windscreen this time.

The driver and Chip leap out of the rally car and run to Angus McDuff's burning car with a fire extinguisher. "You try and put the flames out Chip, while I try and drag out both the driver and co-driver to safety. Pin calls for help on the team radio requesting an air ambulance and a fire engine. "Who did you say you where" shouts the team manager down the radio "Pin Mouse?"

"Don't worry who I am" says Pin calmly, "Angus McDuff's car has crashed and is on fire". "Okay" shouts the team manager, "help is on it's way". The driver bravely drags both Angus McDuff' and his co-driver to safety away from the flames. "Chip" shouts the driver, "they are safe and you have put out the fire, well done".

Just then, the air ambulance swooped down out of the sky and landed very close to the injured crew, the driver and Chip. Angus McDuff opened his eyes and looked up at Chip and the driver and said "thank you for stopping and saving us" He then smiled, and added "what are you waiting for, there is a rally to win". "We are okay, just get back in your car and finish the race".

The driver and Chip ran back to the car and resumed the race. Despite having to stop to save Angus McDuff, and couldn't see properly due to the broken bonnet, they still finished first. "Well done Chip and Pin, we have won the Great Rally for the first time" announces the driver. On the winners podium, a man presented them with a huge trophy, and two girls dressed only in their swimsuits, gave them all large bottles of Champaign.

"Sherbert" said Chip, "look at the size of these bottles, now we are going to have loads of fun”. Pin said "but I don't drink". Chip laughed and said, "you daft mouse you are meant to shake them hard and spray each other and the crowd. Everybody prepares to shake their bottles up and down really hard. Just then was a loud bang on the floor beneath the podium and followed by a voice shouting.

“Chip turn off that game and come down for dinner” called Chip's mother. Chip looked up and the rally car had disappeared, and he was back in his bedroom again. He looked around and found Pin had returned back to his normal size. “Pin, we have done it again, we have managed to completed the level”. 

Chip ran downstairs into the dinning room and sat down at the table. “Chip” asked his mother, “why do you smell of hot oil?” Chip smelt the oil on his sleeves of his jumper. “Mum, if I told you, you would never believe me” replied Chip.

The End

© David Lloyd-Jones - Copyright 2010

All rights reserved.

Chip & Pin will be back soon in another great adventure, when they meet a Spy Without a Gun...


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