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Five Things to Do When Your Bored

Updated on January 11, 2016

Five things to do When you’re Bored

Five things to do When youre Bored
Five things to do When youre Bored | Source

Five things to do When you’re Bored

Wondering about the house tonight and looking for something unusual to do, I came up with five things to do when you are lonely and bored. "Ck so really you just made them up because you’re bored right now," possibly so. I decided that there is always something to get done, whether I want to do it or not is the question. There is laundry you could do, and puzzles to work if that’s what you’re into, a newspaper that is about two weeks old, a Sunday one at that with ads and junk. It boils down to just five things though I can think of to do when you don’t party and drink, or smoke a pack of cigarettes like I used to , so I have idling hands.

The top five things to do when you’re bored:

· Watch a movie on your Television not Computer

· Play a musical Instrument or start humming

· Do house chores, such as throw out your old stuff and find the new

· Go to a movie by yourself, or go bowling, play pool at a pool house bar

· Write an article for hub pages.

Well there you have my top five things to do when you’re bored, and elaborating on some of them, if you’re not a drinker then we can throw out the play pool at the bar scene, and unless you have a significant other living with you ,might want to trash the going to a movie by yourself. So now were getting a bit bare on the choices.

I play musical Instruments and have a recording studio in my house, yet just recorded last night and feel a bit drained on the music as I tend to be after I have completed another song. I hardly ever watch Television and now it’s getting too late, so I will not really have the time to watch a movie I don’t much care for anyway. Are there really any good movies anymore? I have totally given up my cable for I never watch the LCD high definition junk anymore.

There we go that leads us to "have you written an article today?" , well, then write an article on something ," You don’t know what to write?", then write ten things I don’t know what I want to write on and you have an article possibly. You can always find something to keep your fingers doing when typing an article, and for some of us typing is good therapy, for I have to look at the keyboard and though I can type possibly 40wpm. I end up having to use spell checker for another 4 minutes to get this thing readable. I hope this helps you out from being bored or did I just depress you even more. I like life and it has its ups and downs especially when your single and the house is quite.

I found that writing takes over when I am in a situation that I really do not know what I want to do, and now is the perfect time. During the day some of us have writing jobs to finish and I am into copy-writing, Therefor, in the evenings I am still at it, typing like I know what I am doing. So this is the five things you can do when you’re feeling really bored, hopefully you didn’t stumble onto this boring article as well. Ha-ha


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    • bestreviews profile image

      bestreviews 6 years ago from Sunny Greece

      Clean the House!! Lol guess what I was bored and was hopping some pages. Ok thats it i'm of to the beach! Will come and be bored a bit later again.