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Hold Me and Hug Me Now!

Updated on June 7, 2015

enjoy the you read this military poem...

This is the story of a couple...husband will depart soon for a mission to a foreign land. You might guess what he is, but let's hear from him and... his wife. It's 3 a.m. and his plane will depart at 9 a.m. Hardly they've gotten any sleep. His twin kids, a boy and a girl, are sound asleep. But he is ready to leave in the middle of one of our nights. Nonetheless, his skills in languages and survival are beyond the average Joe. He is behind his own story!


Between this melody and our love

We start to dance to this song...

You have been a wonderful wife all along

and now is time to depart from our Virginian home.... sweet this diner was.

Roast beef on boiled Cabbage

your see-through 'special of the night'

has enticed my whole numbed mind...

Yes! don't hesitate, hold me now!

Feel this half of your heart across the sound

dancing next to you and kissing your changing mind

caressing your worries into the darkest night

Remember when we met in DC

we hit it in our classical need with no deceive

Karate kid and kudos from our Sargent

Languages and changing landings as expected

family came around so unselected

the reason of the love that we deliriously felt it

hold me now and don't let go!

much more to say as we hold on!

This is the song of our farewell

praying to make it back soon to you my Emmanuelle

the beat adapts to our feelings... rambling around

moving away such a whirlpool to hold on to

Glad to have taken you to Fairfax where I proposed

Nice to have met you in time of a restless cause

Skating down memory lane through Vietnam vets

Getting to know you across that Potomac's sunset

never told you this and I cannot tell you know

last night bumped into this roadside bomb... that took away my life

the worst nightmare before a goodbye

the trembling feeling that this could be our last night....together?

Will have to depart in a few hours

leaving my heart with you and these kids of ours

Long hours on that cold plane

seeing the clouds, and picturing your face

At least our last Christmas was fun

learning to love you as much as I can

words are not enough to describe my bliss

the one we felt when we just met

So keep on holding me tight

think of this song as our short goodbye

wish I could stay at least for one more week

But those stupid plans came out so quick!

Oh my God! I'm crying now

"stay with me for the night"

Is what I hear from my own wife

Champagne, roses and candle lights...

Suddenly you realize is 5 a.m. of this morning

and thinking that this game is almost over

coming close to call this nonsense quits

change this surreal moment with an instant click!

I'm ready as always to take this Journey

From Middle-East to Argentina the next morning

back to Colombia where you called me on time

to save my life from falling apart

No more guerrillas and those FARC

I want to stay with you so bad, so bad!

but this song doesn't help me to straighten up my act

the cadence of our hips mingling as though they were one!

Hold me tight please...for the last time, as hard as you can!

This has to stop pretty soon at dawn

we should've eloped through Pakistan

But we chose this path of Life

the Will and courage of two minds...

That know what's best for this Country after all...!


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