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How to Live Alone without being Lonely

Updated on January 11, 2016
How to Live Alone, Without feeling Lonely
How to Live Alone, Without feeling Lonely | Source

How to live Alone and Enjoy It

It is another Saturday night and I am single and alone, not too much different than last week or the month before that, I chose this way. I enjoy living alone , sometimes I wish I had a girl with me to live with me , yet my lifestyle is too sporadic. I like to travel when I choose, I like to write when I want, so I enjoy being alone most of the time .I understand there is another word for living alone , and that word is being lonely. I make sure I am not lonely, that word to me does not exist. I have to admit though I am one of those persons that does want company now and then. Although I am ready for them to go when I tire of them, so I can do some of my alone time.

It's funny , I have joined online dating services in the little town I live in and there are some really good looking women. The problem is they live a few hundred miles away, that would cause one to either settle for less than he desires or you get busy and fire your car up and go to that town.I could travel form city to city so I could meet that one date and then drive all the way back but I am not that motivated. I am very picky when it comes to women, I am shallow,and I admit it, I like a nice figure and I want her to be healthy. I was called shallow for that remark, so I accept this. How to live alone is simple for me now, I like to play my many musical instruments and record them. I have a website that I put the MP3 up for sale . The site is called My music keeps me in a world apart from being lonely as does writing.

I hear the Police sirens on the weekends and the firetrucks,and I think to myself, I am glad I don't drink like i use to, because where I am from Friday and Saturday nights are drinking and smoking nights. I was more lonely then than ever when I use to drink alcochol and I even went out to bars on occasions. I have no need for the types of bars in my area or I might just go and try to pick up a girl there. I sometimes play the Pick up artist, yet this is only fun with several others, and it's not real. So , Living alone , and being alone is by one's choice and then there is responsibility, to not go out on these Friday and Saturday nights.I think it is called growing up and I am 40 something now, and know what the end result could be.

I think if you have a hobby or three as I am ADHD , I can keep myself so busy I don't have enough time in the day to feel lonely and I would make a good husband, because of my beliefs and morals, yet that's not in the cards for me. Talking about cards , I started learning how to do magic tricks with cards, with the ever loving Internet guide and I have made several friends by playing card tricks on them, When I 'm ready to write, or play and record in my recording studio, I am the whole band, because electronically I can be anyone. How to live alone, and enjoy it,I am happy the way I am. I hope if your lonely tonight , that you start and write about it, maybe you will find that your just a bit lonesome, and you also have things you need to do and enjoy and can get some gratification out of being alone.

Christopher Hyer2.19.2011

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