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Poem: I Have to Meet the World Today

Updated on January 12, 2013

Ever feel like people don't see the real you when you're at work? As if it takes more effort than you sometimes have to keep on that pleasant mask? You're not the only one. Sometimes I feel like I'll forever be stuck in a job I don't want simply because what I love--writing--doesn't pay the bills.

Remember this:

Who you are at work does not define you. It simply shows that you are willing to take stepping stones to get where you want. Now keep those steps up until you find bigger, better stepping stones in the direction closer to your goals. Enjoy!

I Have to Meet the World Today.

I have to meet the world today
rub the shadows away
make sure I'm on time, not late.

Put on your mask for work!
Put on your mask for work!

I have to take a shower again
rub shampoo and soap in
make sure the sleep goes away.

I have to apply the right makeup
rub concealer in, smooth it up
make sure I look awake.

I have to wear real shoes today
rub and massage my soles,
make sure there's not too much pain.

I have to wear that hated uniform
and that employee staff tag
to show I make minimum wage.

I need to smile happily
as customers do their consumering.

I seriously need a drink in me
to shake away the day's gloomering.

I just need to get home, okay?
I don't want to think about bill due dates.

Soon I'll need a vacation day
to help the illusion of progressing.

And then I'll be back
with the makeup and shoes
the smiles, hidden glooms
as I focus on getting ready.

I have to meet the world today.
But the world?
It won't meet me.

© 2011 Jennifer Kessner


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    • Meisjunk profile image

      Jennifer Kessner 5 years ago from Pennsylvania

      Thanks. =) I know we all get frustrated in our jobs, and this is especially true when we're not utilizing what we've gone to school for/learned a trade for, etc. Thanks again for reading and commenting. Hope you continue to like what you see!

    • Joy56 profile image

      Joy56 5 years ago

      very well written, i relate that 100 fold.... well done.

    • Meisjunk profile image

      Jennifer Kessner 6 years ago from Pennsylvania

      @Fennelseed: I'm glad you liked it so much. Sometimes it's just nice to know we've others who understand. =) Thanks for reading!

    • Fennelseed profile image

      Annie Fenn 6 years ago from Australia

      Yes, I can relate to this too. I know the me behind the makeup and obligatory smile isn't the one portrayed, and it gets SO hard to maintain. Maybe its because the world I meet today, I don't really like that much. Thank you so much for these words, very well put.

    • Meisjunk profile image

      Jennifer Kessner 6 years ago from Pennsylvania

      @Victoria Lynn: I'm not a morning person either. Few things get me prepared for an early morning start! =) Thanks for reading!

      @Kate H: You are absolutely right. It's so frustrating to be treated like a dolt when all you're trying to do is survive. I'm glad you have such a calming home life! =) It really does make all the difference. Thanks for the comment and the vote!

    • Kate H profile image

      Kate H 6 years ago from Upstate New York

      This sounds like the thoughts that run through my head every day. People seem to assume that those who work in minimum wage jobs must be unintelligent or unskilled. It can be so frustrating sometimes. I'm lucky to have a peaceful and happy home to come to at the end of the day. That helps to center me so I can face another day of serving selfish people. I liked this poem. Voted up!

    • Victoria Lynn profile image

      Victoria Lynn 6 years ago from Arkansas, USA

      I like that! Very interesting. And I can relate to the meeting the world part. Sometimes--most mornings, since I'm not a morning person--it's just hard to get into that mindset!