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In The Past

Updated on March 21, 2011

In The Past

I must admit things seemed a lot simpler a few short years ago. Everything seems to have advanced so fast and leaves me trailing in technologies wake. I see people talking on their mobile phone while flicking through their i-pods and a part of me doesn't get the need for all of this stuff and a part of me is jealous that it wasn't all available when i was younger. Don't get me wrong. I could have been out on the street and needed to make a phone call and i could have walked a few miles to get to a phone box in a handy location as long as i had a pocket full of change and there wasn't a queue to use it. So there's absolutely nothing different where the phones are concerned. As for carrying thousands of songs and listening to whatever music you wanted that was also very similar. Yes, as long as you had a van to put your record player in as well as all your records and of course somewhere to plug in to get a power supply then yes it is very similar indeed.   

     The main problems i have with mobile phones are when people are walking along beside you and they start talking and as there is nobody else there i assume they are talking to me.  Just as i am about to answer i realise that they are talking on the phone.    It's happened a few times  so really i should have learned by now.   It was maybe fair enough when mobile phones were new.  But to be still falling for this nowadays is perhaps a bit worrying.      Maybe i am just made like that and don't particularly trust technology although i am hoping that quite soon i will get over my phobia of getting my photograph taken. Yes i realise now that the camera isn't really stealing my spirit away.  Even with cameras i miss the old ways of doing things.  Nowadays, with digital cameras you can take loads of pictures and delete what you don't want.  But i actually have a soft spot for the old ways of taking your spool to be developed in a shop. Sometimes you might have needed to wait days to get your pictures back and by then the anticipation was too much.  When you looked at the photographs it was almost guaranteed that half of them would be either out of focus or pictures of the back of peoples heads.  Ah! The good old days.



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    • michael ely profile image

      michael ely 7 years ago from Scotland

      Hi Marina, Thanks a lot for this comment. It's almost like a Hub itself. What you were saying about technology and your own personal dealings with it is very interesting. Glad you liked it Marina. Michael.

    • profile image

      Marina Lester 7 years ago

      Haha, I like what technology can do now but even I am a technophobe... and I'm 20! I lived truly out in the sticks, we couldn't have cell reception, cable, internet but I still went to school with all the kids who did. I didn't really fit in all the time, but the teachers and other parents always enjoyed hearing my old fashion life style, it put such smiles on their faces as they thought of their own youth. I use to complain to my folks that I was starting to not understand what my peers where even saying, what they were talking about(lol)(lmao)so many things... I was made fun of a few times because of some considered fancy speech in high school, what can I say, I read actual books :P This was amusing Michael, I really liked the part about the camera, I related a lot to that. In Canada there's a new hands free law while driving, banning cell phones, so now everyone's buying those tiny little one's that attache to your ear that you can hardly see. You think it's hard not to make the mistake of thinking their talking to you, now it really is! It's really weird to see a bunch of people just talking to the air, it looks like we're all going mad!


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