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A Love Story (Alternative Outlook)

Updated on February 9, 2011

 A Love Story      (Alternative Outlook)


He had first noticed her a few days before and was immediately struck by her.     As he was lying on the ground with blood pouring from his nose he wondered why she had punched him.

Despite this he thought of her as a bit of a knockout and wanted to get to know her.

He was remembering her and thinking of the things that he first noticed about her.    There was her long luscious blonde hair going all the way down her back.   She had some hair on her head as well it must be pointed out.   She also had a truly great pair of pins. Although what she was doing carrying these huge pins about was anyones guess. In fact she was probably lucky not to be arrested for carrying offensive weapons.

Just  then he was walking down the street and his eyes lit up.  He was standing under a neon sign.  So he rubbed his eyes and continued to walk on.  His eyes lit up again.   This time it was because he had seen her.   Surely it was Fate.          Yes, he had previously heard someone say her name and thought it was Fate but thinking about it now it was more likely it was Kate. So, surely it is fate that he could meet up with Kate.

 He approached her, wanting to introduce himself.  His heart was beating very fast and his breathing seemed very shallow. This wasn't just for today, though They had been like this for many years.  He knew he would have to go the Doctors at some point.

He strode up to her and he just wanted to remember this and drink it all in, but no he forced himself to put his hip flask away.                            He was standing right in front of her now looking deep into her eyes.  He felt as if he had dived into pools of blue water  and he thought  "there's something very strange about her eyes- I think she should go to the opticians".

With that his feelings for her were gone.    He walked by her and continued down the street.  Further down the road he stopped and waited to cross the road where beside him he saw a woman who he was immediately struck by..........



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    • michael ely profile image

      michael ely 6 years ago from Scotland

      Thanks for the great comments Marina. Glad you liked it. Michael.

    • profile image

      Marina Lester 6 years ago

      Hehe, a "knockout" indeed! :) This is real good fun Michael, great sense of witty humor :D

    • michael ely profile image

      michael ely 6 years ago from Scotland

      Hi fayehelen, Nice to see you again, and thanks a lot for reading and for your great comments. Glad you liked it. Yes, over the last few weeks i've had a bit of time and i've managed to write a few Hubs, although i will probably slack off again soon. Maybe you'll have a burst as well and be able to write a few Hubs in a short time. All the best, Michael.

    • fayehelen profile image

      fayehelen 6 years ago

      Hahaha loved it! and quite impressed by the amount of hubs you have written - last time I read your stuff I think you had about three - you are obviously not as lazy/not slacking like me! Well done mister, love reading your stuff. !

    • michael ely profile image

      michael ely 6 years ago from Scotland

      Hi Adela, Thanks for reading and commenting on this. I'm glad you liked it. Michael.

    • Adela Rasta profile image

      Adela Rasta 6 years ago from Dublin, Ireland

      Quirky and amusiing! An alternative view indeed. And probably more realistic than some sweet romantic stories!!