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Love on Hubpages

Updated on August 25, 2016
Didn't you get my e-mail?
Didn't you get my e-mail?

One of the things for which I have come to be grateful to Hubpages, is the opportunity to meet so many different NICE people from different backgrounds who force one to raise one’s appreciation of our species. I have met here so many intelligent, kind, talented and wonderful people whose behaviour and ideas have forced me to raise my appreciation of our common humanity and increased my hope for the future.

To the inevitable and innumerable merchants may I just mention in passing that though there is not an ounce of conceit in our composition, the De Greeks generally wear size 8 hats and this is necessary to accommodate their huge brains? In fact a Spartan helmet found in an ancestor’s tomb recently, had the number 8¼ clearly stamped on the inside rim. So when you become fans and out of courtesy we visit your site in reciprocity, headings like “How to Buy Used Tin Cans” tend to stump us. We look for something that will allow us to comment genuinely and impartially. If we do not find anything, which is often, we quietly move on without making a comment. If we do find something that is in any way acceptable, we try to make a courteous comment as a gesture of reciprocal appreciation for your trouble to visit us and become “fans”. However, we know that the true merchants will rarely if ever make the effort to visit us again. They have left their advertising leaflet on our site and they are on the way to pastures new.

But the behaviour of the merchants makes the kind and supportive behaviour of the genuine people so much more powerful and so much more appreciated.

Gypsy Willow and Lee B. with their kindness, lisadpreston and sunflowerbucky with their enthusiasm, Zsuzsy Bee with her knowledge, _cheryl_ with her surprise that she found something she liked, the gifted Nellieanna with her intelligence and her modesty, Feline Prophet with her deep knowledge, ladyjane1 with her eloquence, Joy At Home with her many skills, JamaGenee with her enviable subtle humour, habee with her flattery, IzzyM taking time off her business to offer support, akirchner with her humour, the more recent msorensson. Shalini Kagal with her ability to see the most carefully disguised humour, and others who are more recent and might be embarrassed with my emotional Mediterranean reaction until they get to know me better.

I have deliberately left the men out of this, because this is a story of Love on Hubpages and I value their friendship too much to risk it by including them in this list, even as a joke.

Because I like to read and because I search Hubpages for stories to read which will give me pleasure, I was recently rewarded by coming across the site of Pam Roberson. Her last story, uploaded 13 moths earlier, was titled “Seduction in a Construction Zone” and had me in stitches through her brilliant use of the language.

“he began to undress my car with his eyes. Very slowly, he peeled away every inch of the vehicle until there was nothing left but me and a steering wheel”.

I howled with laughter. I left her a message of admiration and one thing led to another and we are now married.

There are times when even the De Greeks cannot think deeply without having a headache and so in the excitement inseparable from the process of getting married in such a hasty manner, I had unfortunately forgotten to tell my wife and that is where the matter became slightly complicated.

However, I think that I had better let Pam Roberson tell you the facts, here.

I would very much appreciate it if you will leave your comments here about your thoughts on this marriage and any new marriage proposals shall be gratefully received.

Dimitris Mita

De Greek


My thanks to:

Cris A

Roman Trend


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