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Let the Music Do the Talking: Songs I Sing in the Shower

Updated on August 4, 2014

Ever since Jim Croce had to say "I love you" in a song, people have found special meaning in the lyrics of the songs they hear. Okay, maybe this was the case even before the Croce hit, but you have to admit that was kind of a cool line to open with. And cool lines is really what this hub is all about. From catchy choruses to profound gems hidden in verse, the lyrics are often the best part of a song.

In fact, many feel that modern pop stars are like yesteryear's poets, dispensing wisdom and lamenting lost love in verse, much as Keats, Shelley and Byron did in days of old. But fans of poetry would quickly point out there is a lot of amateurish babbling masking most of the better material in modern song. To make it easier for everyone to enjoy a little modern verse, I have collected below some of my favorite lyrical excerpts. Please enjoy...

"When the Crowds Are Gone" by Savatage

I never wanted to know
Never wanted to see
I wasted my time
Till time wasted me
Never wanted to go
Always wanted to stay
'Cause the person I am
Are the parts that I play

Written by Jon Oliva, Criss
   Oliva, and Paul O'Neill
© 1990 EMI April Music / Metal
   Membrane Music ASCAP / Paul

"Badlands" by Metal Church

As the world awakens me so hard
My values have been changed
I make a promise to myself
Never again
A dusty Godforsaken path
Endless to my dismay
I know these are the Badlands
Somehow I'll find my way

Written by Craig Wells, Kurdt    
   Vanderhoof, and Mike Howe
© 1988 Gnarly Tunes BMI

"Into Dust" by Metal Church

When everything's coming up roses
The thorns still leave scars on my
Just pour me a scotch and a soda
I'll get drunk and I'll act like a man

Written by Kurdt Vanderhoof 
   and David Wayne
© 1999 Metal Church

"I Would Change My Life" by Nanci Griffith

I would change my life
I would make it right
I would change my life
If you would only change your mind

Written by Robert Earl
   Keen, Jr.
© 1987 Keen Edge Music BMI

Be sure to check out

my hub dedicated to

the magnificent

Nanci Griffith!

"Who's Behind the Door?" by Zebra

How can we find out more
Who owns the keyless door
Where does the circle end
Who are the unwatched men
Where do we go from here
Faith is a fading fear
Life is a waiting room
I hope they don't call me soon

Written by Randy Jackson
© 1981 Riddy-Diddy 
   Publishing Corp. ASCAP

"Visions" by King's X

The lunatic says goodbye to
    those who say they love him
He's wise within himself though
    his craziness surrounds him
From his lips come truth within
And people passing by don't
    hear and cannot see

Written by Doug Pinnick, 
   Ty Tabor and Jerry Gaskill
© 1987 Jetydosa Music ASCAP

   "Visions inside his head
          look like mine!"

"Justice" by Atomic Opera

When I pray "have mercy"
I will never ask for justice

Written by Frank Hart, 
   Mark Poindexter, Allison 
   Smythe, Sam Taylor and 
   Jonas Velasco
© 1994 Giant Records

"Cain's Blood" by 4 Runner

Sweet mother, she sang in the
   Sunday choir
On her head was a halo,
   she spoke brimstone and fire
Daddy lived by the bottle,
   Daddy died by the barn
Well he froze one night,
   Mama said "Serves him right.
The devil can keep him warm."

Written by Jack Sundrud & 
   Michael Johnson
© 1991 Magnasong Music Pub.
   / Red Quill Music; Almo 
   Music Corp. BMI / ASCAP

"Sweet Tea in a Mason Jar" by Cooter 'Bo' Jangles

Sweet tea in a Mason jar
Mama waitin' out in the car
Another warm spring day
Summer on the way
And when the school year ends
I'm sure to still have a friend

Sweet tea in a Mason jar
The memory takes me so far
Back to the day
When Mama used to say
Well, I love you boy
You're my pride and joy

Written by Cooter 'Bo' Jangles
© 2003 Bo Jangles Music


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