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Life is like the game of football

Updated on July 1, 2015

Everything was going on well between me and Sarah,i loved her so much and was willing to sacrifice anything for her happiness. She was my hands and legs,she in return showed me that she was loyal and every member of my family loved her.

Part of my salary saw her through secondary school and it was my advise that she study law because whenever i set my eyes on her,i always saw an elegant pretty advocate defending the oppressed and my love for football totally made her a football fanatic. We travelled together to SA for the 2010 world cup and to Brazil during the world cup.

You see, becoming a football fan was suppose to unite us but that was where our problem started because. How do i begin to tell my story, that a girl i gave my all abandoned me for another man simply because he is a footballer, she told me that i cannot afford her wants any more.

She wants a 4x4 worth one hundred thousand dollars, an apartment in Paris and a standard boutique. She got all of them thanks to the former captain of the national team. My heart was broken and all she did was fly around the world with him.

I wished her well but you see, what goes around comes around and although i want the best for her and moved on with my life but like i told her before she spat on my face, "Don't be deceived Sarah". She is now pregnant and he said that he is not responsible for the pregnancy.

Money can buy you so many things yet there are so many other things it cannot buy and that was what i wanted Sarah to understand because with money you can buy fun but not happiness.

He spoilt her with money,bought her lots of expensive gifts and that moved her and she got carried away, she named her boutique after him; 'Appiah Collections' and almost abandoned school though she had money to buy grades.

Footballers are among the highest paid people in the world especially those playing for big clubs so his weekly one hundred thousand pounds salary changed everything about Sarah and i began to wonder what the situation would have been if she was the one earning the money.

She joined the footballers babe's club,always seen in the company of other ladies and celebrities dating some of the top scorers and earners, she once posted a picture of herself and an American RnB queen on her Instagram account.

Everything was going on well for her and i moved on with my life too because i was among the people she doesn't want to be linked with despite all i did for her but you see, there is a time for everything,time to smile and time to cry.

Most times we get carried away and that was what landed her in the situation she got herself into because he totally refused that the pregnancy is his and claimed that he has evidence to prove it.

Sarah claimed that he is the only man in her life and he disputed and vowed that he will go to any length to prove it and the question everyone wanted an answer to is; 'If he is not responsible for the pregnancy then who is?'

The riff between them made headlines in so many media outlets,national newspapers carried their story and i was brought back into the spotlight because no matter what, sometimes Ex counts.

I was invited by many media houses for interview. In fact one tabloid carried a fabricated story about me, the story was so negative that i felt threatened because whatever your Ex say about you is sometimes considered the truth.

But i am not the type that backbite so i decided to sue the media firm that published the story just to show Sarah that i didn't want to use the opportunity to revenge what she did to me as so many people felt.

She granted the highest television station audience for an interview because someone advised her that she could make a lot of money from the former captain if her claim is true and he refused to accept responsibility. You know that there are so many people out there waiting to see others fall and one of such people hooked up with Sarah.

The interview attracted over fifty million viewers locally and she also claimed that she has a sex tape of herself with the former captain and was willing to release it to the public to prove her claim because she wasn't taken care of any more by the former captain who wants a paternity test.

The former captain contracted the service of a Lawyer to stop Sarah from going viral but maintained that he wasn't responsible for the pregnancy. However, they landed on an agreement and it was determined that the test can only be carried out after the delivery of the baby.

In essence the former captain need to take care of Sarah until she put to bed. But that agreement couldn't see the day light because he refused. He maintained that she betrayed him so he cannot continue taking care of her. Sarah was bittered because he withdrew all the executive services accorded her,no more coughing out thousands of pounds on her, no more expensive gifts or first class tickets.

She had all the time in this world to abort the pregnancy but chose otherwise,apparently because of the stigma attached to having abortion or perhaps someone was actually engineering her or maybe she felt that with the pregnancy, she would land the ultimate jackpot; MARRIAGE.

But life is not always what it seems. To some, life is a mystery while to some nothing but a game and there are three sets of players playing the game; Those that orchestrate the game,Those that watch the game and Those that change the game.

The former captain who is an idol to so many couldn't watch himself dragged to the mud by a girl he cleaned up so he decided to clean the air by granting a media firm interview which was aired locally and internationally so when asked about the situation,this was what he said...

"I have kept quiet for long but only acted through my lawyer,you see if i am responsible for the pregnancy,i wouldn't be sitting here,

I was suppose to fly back to London the next day so decided to hang out with my folks one more night so we went clubbing , i met her and her friend in the club and both of them descended on me like ants on sugar.

She in particular told me how big a football fan she was and named all the members of the senior national team and their respective clubs. One of my closest pals was with me so we split them,i took Sarah and he took her friend.

It was suppose to be just one night but after sharing her life story with me and how she was being persuaded by the guy sponsoring her education to marry him,i decided to step in just to make sure that she become independent. She told me that she once worked in a boutique as a sales girl and had always dreamed to own one.

I set up a boutique for her,bought her a Jeep,a house and even an apartment in Paris, doing all this was not to keep her but we ended up being very close, she had her way into my life. All my friends and colleagues knows her as my number one. Therefore, she needed to be at a certain level so i began lavishing money on her,i brushed and groomed her, turned her into a first class citizen and we were spotted together in many big occasions.

I gave her the freewill to visit me in Europe any time she wanted whether invited or uninvited. You see, life is like the game of football, there is a game plan,rules to keep, offside, free kick,goal, cards are awarded too and there is penalty.So she was rough and was booked.

I stopped taking care of her when i realized that she was sleeping with another member of the national team and also pays her way through school by sleeping with lecturers because i contracted the service of a private investigator to watch her and you know that their camera doesn't lie.

As of the clips she said she have, i am not denying screwing her, how wouldn't i when i lavish money on her? She is a maniac anyway and once recorded us with her cell phone but does that mean that i am the father of the baby she is carrying? That bastard is not my child.

I don't want to call names but if she push me further,i will show the world my evidence. Enough has been done to my name and career by that gold digger,I am a footballer for crying out loud and an international one with reputation.

She felt that she would hook me with pregnancy but that girl is an ingrate. She began lying to me from the first day we met and i have learned my lesson though my only regret is the gentle man brought into the centre of this situation, the guy that sacrificed more than i did for her welfare but she dumped him for me.

I turned her into a first class citizen and if you really want to understand then check her bank account but i am not going to take anything away from her, she can keep everything i gave her. Besides, i have given so many other people more than what i gave her".

Sarah went viral after watching the interview and her action exposed the unimaginable. The former captain almost lost the respect accorded him but you see sometimes we have to put respect aside to protect our personality and that was what he did.

Therefore, to prove his claim and to counter the clips released to the public by Sarah, he went on air once again and this time, listed names of the lecturers and also his team mate that slept with Sarah,he also released visual materials of Sarah's infidelity collected by the private investigator, an action that changed the face of their story.

The former captain was somehow exonerated from the scandal and he began working to rebuild his reputation and although people sympathized with him yet he remained a let down to so many. The seven lecturers linked to Sarah were all sacked by the University authority because of evidence against them.

Sleeping with a student to pass her is a crime against human development. To worsen the disciplinary action against them, the wives of four filed for divorce. The story was the highest scandal in the country,one that made Sarah not famous but notorious.

So many people who were pitying her were disappointed when clips of her numerous affairs with different men surfaced and in return,the former captain found more sympathizers. But Sarah decided to go legal so she sued the former captain.

But what would entirely change the face of this scandal was not even Sarah's affair with her lecturers nor sleeping with the national team's goal keeper,not even the physical attack on the former captain by hoodlums who were suspected to be sympathisers of Sarah or rather paid attackers.

Like the the wise say, "Life is like the game of football". The situation took a different turn when the captain's medical history was presented to the court and it was certified that he suffers from a condition which made him impotent.

That was a big blow to Sarah because her claim was thrown out from the court but that was when the game changed because public outcry and support for a former captain with so many caps and loved by many, meant that the person responsible for pregnancy must be identified by all means.

Clearing the former captain from the scandal left the court with the quest to determine the person responsible for the pregnancy among all Sarah's male associates and the only way to do that was through amniocentesis or chorionic villus sampling.

DNA samples of all the lecturers were collected but none matched that of the baby, the national team's goal keeper also submitted his DNA sample and it didn't match that of the baby and that brought me back into the spotlight but how on earth would i be the father of the baby yet in her womb?

I obeyed the court order and submitted my DNA sample and it didn't match that of the baby and this situation became a disgraceful one to Sarah's family who has always supported her but who will support a lady who can't determine the father of her unborn?

Sarah had one confession which brought back the former captain into the story. Her romantic affair with his father. The private investigator hired by the former captain while carrying his camera and following her everywhere was unable to capture that because the affair was going on right inside the family house and Sarah confessed that she slept with the old man once.

The DNA sample of the seventy six years old man was collected and it matched that of the baby by 99%. A situation that shocked everyone, Sarah was sued by the former captain for all the emotional distress she caused him and he claimed millions of money in damage. The two properties he bought for her,cars and boutique were sold and all the expensive jewels aswell yet she still needed to sell maybe herself to raise the money.

The former captain's father admitted that life is like the game of football,has a game plan, offside, free kick,penalty,rules,cards, referee and also one important thing, a game changer. He decided to marry Sarah and once the marriage rite was finalized, Sarah automatically became the former captain's step mother.

Imagine the rest of the story.


Will you allow a family member to be sent to jail when your claims are not met?


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