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Making A Journal Dedicated To Your Baby

Updated on May 26, 2011
Keep record of the amazing things of motherhood.
Keep record of the amazing things of motherhood.

Be a mom is something really exciting. The first smile, those little hands. A million of things comes to the mind all the time. We think about their future. What career are they going to choose? What style are they going to like? Is he or she going to be quite or going like to talk? Well, a thousand questions. You would like he or she could talk but not yet. Or at least could understand you so you can tell all your feelings at this moment. How much you waited to see him or her and how that little person changed your life. That is why making a journal dedicated to your baby is such a great idea. You probably are going to have a chance in your life to say everything you always wanted to say. But, you also probably are going to forget a lot of thing you wanted to remember. Putting those awesome memories in a journal will make them last forever.

What Are You Going To Write About?


Let the love you feel for that little person inspire you to write. Write about the first time you two saw for first time. Express your fears, your happiness. Be open. Just imagine you are writing a letter to an old friend telling how is to be a parent. You can write about those things has change and how bless you are to have such a beautiful baby in your life. You can also write about your plans to the future. What do want to do with him or her. Even if you are just dreaming about it you should put it in your journal. Write about how the rest of the family feels about the new arrive. Be the more specific you can be. This way when he or she be able to read it, is going to have a good picture about what you are trying to say.


With a baby, everyday is a day full of surprises. They are curious, playful and very active. With time surely you will have thousands of stories you don't want to forget. Immortalize all these anecdotes in your journal. Babies always are trying something new and there is always a funny story to tell. There is no doubt that both of you are going to have a good time in the future reading those experiences together. Who knows if all those stories runs for generations.

About You

Tell your baby who you are, where you come from, what you like to do, your hobbies and places you like to go. Write about your childhood, how you used to spend your time, write about your friends. Write about everything you want that baby to know about you. You can also write about the whole family. Write stories you remember from your parents or grandparents. It is a good way to keep the family traditions alive. If he or she has brothers or sisters write about them too. Let that baby know how was the family at the time he or she was a newborn. Specially you.

The Purpose

The point is you should not miss to keep record of every special moment in your baby's life. Write for a few years until you think he or she is big enough to have their own memories. Keep this journal in a safe place until is time to share it with them. My advise is to wait until they grow the sufficient to see that journal as a very special gift and they could be able to understand and take the sense of everything you wrote in there. When you finally give the journal, encourage them to keep with so sweet activity or at least to save the journal for the next generations.


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    • Ruby H Rose profile image

      Maree Michael Martin 5 years ago from Northwest Washington on an Island

      Yes, I have fallen behind in my writing of children's lives, they do grow and change so much. Wonderful hub, thank you.

    • jameygc profile image

      jameygc 6 years ago

      Thanks heart. I hope to keep dong this my little one. I love my logo. It going to take time until I change it. :)

    • heart4theword profile image

      heart4theword 6 years ago from hub

      I did do this, and my child as she got older...loved reading and looking at the pictures, I put in her baby book:) I did keep a journal as she got older too, she loved reading this one just as much:) Great Information to pass onto others, Love you logo...this was what attracted me to check out your pages:) Have a Blessed Day or Evening!

    • jameygc profile image

      jameygc 6 years ago

      Your story is really awesome. I only have one child. He is three years old now (we are on the picture) and always found this so sweet. Since I was a kid I am always wondering, what if there is not tomorrow for me? Much more when I had my baby. That is why I am writing a journal for him. I don't write every day, not even every week, but at least he is going to know more about me and his self when he grows. I love to do it, is something very special to me. Thank you so much for share your story and for your support.

    • K. Burns Darling profile image

      Kristen Burns-Darling 6 years ago from Orange County, California

      Love this hub because journaling for my children has a special place in my heart, My mother, who was an only child, died when I was 11 and one of the most horrible things about being a motherless daughter has always been all of the unanswered questions that she left behind, questions of course that I never got the chance to ask. When I became a mother, I became overwhelmed by the fear that something terrible would happen to me and my children would be left to face the same fate, since I have been journaling since the fourth grade, beginning a journal for each of them was as easy as breathing, but I went beyond my pregnancy and first year journals which have evolved into one big journal that is just for my children in which they can find anything from memories to recipes to things I might think they may someday need to know if I am not around. I wish my mom had done something similar for my siblings and I...maybe your hub will inspire someone else's mother to do it for them. Voted Up, Useful, Awesome!