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Favorite Magazines and Why I Love Them

Updated on July 31, 2014

Its All About the Fashion!

Growing Up With Magazines

What are magazines really about? Why do I have to have the feel and smell of a fashion magazine, or even the perfectly organized catalogs that come with many pictures. I am not talking about tabloids or “trash” mags like Women’s World or Star. They are actually still great for some entertainment; working at a grocery store in the front end, I saw many of these so-called magazines for sale, and when it was slow at work it was easy to read up on the news about Brad Pitt and Angeline Jolie, or see the hilarious body pics of the “stars”. Even though these provide a little fun on an otherwise boring shift at work, they are nothing at all like the fashion, writing, art, and advice that I more than enjoy in top magazines.

When I grew up and was in my early teen years, my sisters, mom and I would sit at the kitchen table to have tea, hot chocolate, cookies, coffee, and have an array of catalogs and magazines to look through. We were not rich so when there was a fashion magazine like Vogue or Elle sitting there, it tended to be a pretty cool thing. I mostly remember skimming the pages of Victoria’s Secret or Jcrew . My mom once has a subscription to “Victoria ” which I remember mostly being about gardening, but it was always enough to sit there with my family and look at the pictures. When I was a child, just like many kids in my era, I found all the best toys in the Sears catalog to draw many stars on it, maybe Santa would see this, somehow…

My devotion not only stems from this, but I have been immersed in books of all kinds since I was born. I became convinced that my baby would benefit with hearing me read aloud before she was even born yet. Something about writing, photography, fashion, art, and music that inspires me to thrive. When all these things are added together, the result is spectacular.

The diverse amount of magazines out there today is amazing. If I want to learn how to cook better, I just have to read some magazines that are all about cooking. Even though fashion is at the top of my list, I enjoy many genres of magazines. Real Simple and Good Housekeeping are excellent choices when looking for some great advice on just about anything. Parents and Family Fun is full of crafts and games for the whole family to do. Don’t forget that there are magazines for the kids too!

I can’t settle for a magazine on a Kindle or Nook, especially a top choice magazine because there will be something missing. I have to be able to touch those glossy pages and smell the sample perfume. I can remember the days as a child, trying on about ten all at once, but the perfume always reminds me of my mother, and the magazines remind me of my sisters.

Does Your Table Look Like This?


Elle Fashion Magazine - My Top Choice

This may be a French magazine, but the French are known for their modern style, most top fashion designers are European. This is also a magazine aimed for the rich just because the only reason you would buy the clothes or accssories shown in it, you would have to have plenty of money to spare. It has always been purely fantastical with me; I mean, would you ever wear a $4,000 necklace?

The thing is, this magazine is not only filled with photography and fashion ads, but with an endless assortment of articles. There are very in depth with subjects anywhere from political to movies and music. Many or these articles are centered around women like Hilary Clinton, maybe because the idea of powerful women appeals to others who would buy the magazine.

I like the fact that there are some great book reviews although I never remember to look them up again, I always have too many to read already. There is usually a current event article also that is usually about another country, but I like to read up on these things.

My Favorite Magazine for the Home - Real Simple

Some people might scoff at Martha Stewart and her magazine Real Simple, but she still has some great magazines and very helpful information. Obviously this would not be a magazine for a 20 year old male, but any woman older than 20 would find lots of things in it to enjoy. Plenty of recipes, advice, and craft ideas. Go to the website to see exactly what I mean. The categories mainly fall under health, work and life, beauty and fashion, food and recipes, entertaining and home. These are actually very broad topics because under these are many, many sub-categories. One example of interest to me is called “road test” where in each magazine they test out new products like coffee-makers to determine the best ones. Good Housekeeping also does something similar, giving products the GH stamp of approval. It is hard to say if Good Housekeeping or Real Simple is the better home magazine because they are actually very different, but both good in their own ways. If you are looking for more than just the home advice, opt for Real Simple because there is more to it.

Help for Parents through Magazines

I have always felt the need to read everything I can that will help me to raise my daughter the best way. Parents magazine has at least 200 pages of all the things you wonder about, including perfect recipes and stories that relate to mothers. Even fathers can find some things in this magazine that they are interested in. Fun ideas, crafts, and advice are just some of the things you will find in it. Stay in the loop and know every baby item that gets recalled or what the top toys of the Christmas season are. My favorites are the ones about healthy eating habits because I have always had a hard time with my picky daughter. There are also other magazines like Parents magazine only they are completely devoted to projects and crafts. They teach everything from drawing to scientific experiments, if you run a daycare these are very helpful especially on a rainy day.

Best Magazines for Kids

I grew up with Ranger Rick and Highlights although I only read them at the library or while waiting for the doctor; I don’t remember having them at home much. Now these magazines have expanded to include Big Backyard and High-Five, to name a few. The latter is supposed to be for younger kids, but seem about the same as the original Highlights. At age four, my daughter often likes to look at magazines with me, she mostly likes the ads with babies in them or catalogs where she can pick brightly colored jewelry, she hasn’t actually sat down and read a children’s magazine with me. She is always interested in the games and mazes, and there are pages that show you how to do movements that she has fun performing.

It wasn’t long before I felt I needed to have a year long subscription to Seventeen. This was the only teen magazine that I knew of at the time, and it was important to have especially growing up with no cable TV out in the country. There are now many other magazines similar to this, but Seventeen is still by far the best. Not only is there tons of advice for teen girls, and fun quizzes that girls love to do with their friends, but also stories that are similar to Lifetime movies. There is only an elite group that has an interest in this sappy kind of entertainment, but girl teens cover the majority of that.

What do most people like to read?

What kind of magazines to you like the best?

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