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Copywriting Success: Seven (7) ideas every sell writer (copywriter) should know about to write persuasively and profit

Updated on August 27, 2013
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Ben is scientist, teacher, researcher and author who loves to help you to be more, do more and achieve more. He is an Amazon kindle author

"What people want isn't a quarter inch drill, it's a quarter inch hole."

Theodore Levitt

You've just created that new product or service and have laboured to translate that idea to a visible (tangible) product. What happened next is to share with your customer the benefit of this new service or product? Your ability to do this requires skills in being able to influence your customers on why they should invest in your innovation.

According to the quote from Theodore Levitt, what they want is a solution to a problem.

As a business person, what happens next to your making a lot of money to recuupp the expenses in your investment as well meet the need of your customers depends on how effectively craft the sells letter. You have two choices, your can either contract it out or do it yourself. The option you choose depends on your budget. however, if you want to write your own copy, this article provides you with seven things you need to consider in persuasive writing.

1. Purpose: Know the aim for writing the copy:

There could be many reasons why you want to craft a sell letter. It could be you want t increase youe bottom pline and therefore put more cash in your pocket. Either way, in persuasive writing the main purpose is to influence the way the way the reader thinks, feels or acts.

2. Focus: The big theory about persuasive writing

You ned to know who your reader is and the result you are hoping to achieve. You want to help this reader solve a problem, reap a benefit and be satisfied throgh the ideas you'll provide through your script.

3. Plan: adopt outcome thinking

Having said that you need to help your customer solve a problem you need to have a plan of action. Make it SMART, It has to be Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, Time bound

4. Rule: the three Rs of persuasive writing

Remember the reader and the Result or perhaps just RRR. It;s not about you, but the reader. According to Any Maslen, in his book "Write to Sell The Ultimate Guide to Great Copywriting": he called it - Radio WIFM - What's In It For Me? That is the question your reader wants an answere to and you have to answer it.

5. Imagination: create a compelling pictue of your reader

To write persuasively, it's essential to start with the clearest picture of your reader and to have the picture firmly in your mind as you write. This requires both logical, analytical thinking and a degree of intuition and empathy.

6. Connect: understand to be understood

Persuasive writing is leadership communication. For you to connect with the reader you need to develop rapport with them. What is their preferential mode for perceiving and processing information. are they visual, auditory, kinesthetic learners or readers?

What is their utmost value- want, desire, and aspiration.? Can you show evidence through your writing and therefore make yourself as someone credible to solve their problem. Why do they have to invest in your product or service. Remember, they need a solution to their problem. So your buzz word should be to address in a compelling way with evidence the benefit of your product or service.

7. Action: want do your reader to do

At the end of your message what do you want your reader to do. Pick a phone ring a number, clicks link for them to make a payment, email you or leave a comment. The chioce is without limit.

Remember, the aim is to influence the reader by making him take action through reading your words. In my next article, I'll build on these ideas here to write ' How to write an effective copy.'


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