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Surveillance of the Waiting Eyes pt.7

Updated on March 22, 2013

“Out of trouble?”, boss interrupted. “You know, what your tongue speaks get you more into trouble.” His condescending voice ended the show time. It was the most critical, the moment that would define our accomplishment or failure. Stein was now lost at stare. Why didn’t suspicion have pushed past his senses before?

“Money from the black market, smuggled firearms with high prices…hah! Well, try expecting the unexpected. What are you trying to say? That law has no eyes to see? Too deaf to hear?” Boss continued straightforward. “I’m not your Mr. Wong. I am Billy Graft from the Western Head quarters.” He quickly grabbed Stein and was locked helplessly in a handcuff. Poor thing…he was still shocked, tongue-tied.

“What?!” Dana was bewilderedly out of breath. She started to ran maybe to escape, or maybe because it did get on to her nerves. Oni yelled. Through her voice, the woman seemed to have her way blocked. “Tsk, tsk, tsk…fear? Is that what you have now after all this time?” She looked so fiercely while pointing a gun to the woman’s face.


The customers were all afraid. They hid under the tables. Different voices in different tones bounced in the threatened walls of the restaurant, devastating the sumptuous ambiance of the night’s event.

“A commotion, devastating our night’s event.”

Oh what is happening to the girl’s sweet face?

She’s so pale and seems so cold as death!”

“And the man, oh so look at that! His gestures so defiant!”

“And so pathetic…like a bird trapped in boss’s technique…”

“Well I have sensed this!”

“No I have sensed this!”

“Who’s the first?

“Who’s the first? Well, it doesn’t matter anymore! The resto’ s so Jurassic!”

“Oh, really?” With tremble, she turned her back. She countered Oni and pointed her pistol to her.

“Oh, in the face of defeat you still have the guts to point that gun to my face. But what if I shoot you in the heart? It’s not good to see your blood flows in this very floor having your mister in front of you. Oni smiled annoyingly.

“Shoot her Dana!” Stein barked, barely returned his soundness to earth. Dana was his only hope. Why do many consider death as a resolution?

“Before you release that killing shot, I’ll make sure that you’re dead already.” Dana responded boldly. But her defense was low. She’s only one. We were three.

“…And how can you be so sure, mademoiselle?” I had a nice entrance. “Give the gun to me right now!” I seized the gun but her grasp was too tight. She was shouting like mad. A commotion was produced. The gun was unintentionally thrown away.

We both reached for it but Oni stopped her. “Surrender! You lost!”


“No!” She tried to run again once more. But I caught her. “Never! Let me out!!! NOOOO!!!!!” I restrained her wrists in the metal rings I had hidden in my monochromatic uniform. While I was doing that, her scent went irritating me. It smelled like the eau de toilette that Jeala had been using. I gave her to Oni and went outside to prepare the van and also to detoxify from the molecules I had sniffed minutes ago.

After some turns of the longest hand in my watch, Boss Billy headed to the van with the poor arrested souls. I helped him. I forced myself to focus on the job and not about anything else.

And then I returned to the restaurant. I just finished helping my boss. I was unaware that before I came, there was someone who had just walked-in. May. She was in a collared sleeve and a dark pencil cut, above-the-knee skirt. “What is this? Dad said that we would meet him here.”, she looked around the four corners of the restaurant, “What happened here? Why so messy?” Then she saw Oni. “Hey, what are you doing here?”



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