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The One for YOU - New song by me

Updated on September 29, 2011


This song 'The One For YOU' is originally written by me (S.Hunbbel Meer).

It is a sad song and was written by me in a very sad manner. A special fact about this song is that it has been written in my car. I was coming back to my house after my brother's computer maintenance. My brother was driving the car and I was sitting on the front seat, being drowned into some sad feelings and thoughts (a bitter experience that I am not going to share with you people). In those sad feelings, I started to sing some lyrics (lyrics of this song). Words kept flowing from my heart, taking some help from my mouth and eventually being saved in my music register. This was my Song No.8.


This song focuses on a man who has been left alone in this world by his girlfriend/wife.

His lover turned his world upside down because of the money and fame of the glamor world. She moved forward with the cheers from the audience and forgot that one face that truly loved her. He is still sticking and dangling with the memories of her and expressing his feelings in some tragic lines.

I have composed this song and played it on guitar (a draft type recording while composing - the video of which is uploaded in the end). One more thing worth mentioning here is, I didn't compose this song by the rules of verses,pre-chorus,chorus,verse,bridge,chorus type rule. This song is directly coming from heart without any materialistic approach.

I hope you all will enjoy my own original work, and I hope I will make you experience the pain of that man through my words. Enjoy ♥ THE VIDEO OF THE SONG HAS BEEN GIVEN BELOW


What happened? .. To you ...

To your promise ... your will

Your wish ... your desire

To be ...

With me ...!

Those audience, those sounds,

Those voices, and cheers,

Took your love ... away

Far away ...

From me ...!

Did they? OH ...

Did they really do? OH ...

You ain't kidding right?

OH! ....

They did ...

Oh, They ... Really did.

Well I will be in that crowd .... Somewhere, Somehow.
Well I will be in that crowd .... Somewhere, Somehow.

Well I will be ...

In that crowd ...

Somewhere ...

Somehow ...

I'll still cheer,

surely will call your name ...

but, don't know how ...

don't know how ...!

But one day ...

I'm sure ...

You'll see ...

Try to feel ...

Looking around,

Place to place,

With no match of me ...

No match of ME ...!

Pic taken by
Pic taken by

Won't you feel? OH

You'll surely feel. OH

You'll feel ....

That i was the one for you

I was the really one.

made for you ....

Made for only you, Oh

Made for only you. Oh

Made for you ... Made for only you ...

Well this one is for YOU ....!!! ♥

The one for YOU - VIDEO

Sorry for the bad quality of the video. It was just a draft to check some random things.

Do leave your feedback, as it is very important for me to grow. I hope you will have enjoyed my song. Thank you everyone.♥ Love n Peace ♥


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    • shruti sheshadri profile image

      shruti sheshadri 5 years ago from Bangalore, India

      Beautiful work, you are very talented, I love the way you played your guitar, nice to meet you :)

    • profile image

      zia khan 5 years ago

      heart toching song

      i hav no word to explain it,

    • jacqui2011 profile image

      jacqui2011 6 years ago from Norfolk, UK

      She obviously meant a lot to you and the lyrics said it all. I loved the lyrics and you are a good guitarist. As you said, the quality wasn't brilliant, but for a draft it was very good. Voted up and beautiful.

    • pheona402013 profile image

      Crista 6 years ago from Toledo

      That Song is Brilliant! Regardless of the lack of worldly Proffessionalism, it sends an even greater message then you or your readers and listeners are willing to give you credit for. YOu mentioned that this just came from your heart one day riding beside your brother in a car. It doesn't just relate to a lost lover. It relates to all the lost souls out there running away from the ultimate true love. That is powerful!!!! WOW! I am in awe! Keep growing in your natural God given Blessings, what ever that means to you.

    • Nellieanna profile image

      Nellieanna Hay 6 years ago from TEXAS

      I understand. Glad your life is on an even keel but you can still fully empathize with those who suffer from heart aches.

    • Hunbbel Meer profile image

      Syed Hunbbel Meer 6 years ago from Karachi, Pakistan.

      I did not feel* that the amplification ...

    • Hunbbel Meer profile image

      Syed Hunbbel Meer 6 years ago from Karachi, Pakistan.

      I completely agree with you. Actually, I was recording a draft video with a web-cam sort of thing, so I did not felt that the amplification of my voice wasn't enough. I noticed when I saw the video, that is why I added the subtitles in it.

      And regarding the theme of the song, I am pretty much satisfied with my life, and the theme does not relate to me in any scenario at all. It was just a song, some lines arranged by me in a musical pattern, nothing else :)

      Though I feel good sometimes that people often believe my writing to be a real-life-scenario with me. Though they are not. But it gives me a positive feeling that they find my work honest and genuine enough to believe that it is true :) It feels good sometimes :)

    • Nellieanna profile image

      Nellieanna Hay 6 years ago from TEXAS

      You're welcome. I responded to what was an honest plea for honest response to it. And I emphasize what I believe strongly - that an artist must be true to his/her own light and inspiration. I hesitate to be critical of another's effort, in fact, though, of course - I have personal responses to them of my own.

      You know, I was thinking about this while away just now and it occurs to me that it may just be that a little amplification is needed to boost your vocal. You were just recording in casual manner, so probably didn't have a professional setup. Your voice has a very sweet quality, by the way.

      I'd agree with Nan, too -abour taking too much focus on the sadder aspect of a love lost. Yes - it's a subject for attention - the many moods of the poet. And people can relate to it, too. The combination of sadness and not a somewhat weak delivery, though, is a bit of a downer, not what you probably want the audience to feel too much!

      I did like that your message says that, in spite of being spurned due to her fame, the narrator still felt the truth of his love enough to join in the praise of the person. That is a positive note, so long as he goes on with living. Folks need to realize it is OK to feel badly - but important to take the good from it, let it go - and move ahead.

    • Hunbbel Meer profile image

      Syed Hunbbel Meer 6 years ago from Karachi, Pakistan.

      @Nellieanna: Thank you for your feedback :)

    • Nellieanna profile image

      Nellieanna Hay 6 years ago from TEXAS

      Well - you have talent, yet that song didn't reach me. You're very good on the guitar. Your vocal rendition could be a bit stronger. I'm listening to other of your recordings too.

    • youmeget profile image

      youmeget 6 years ago

      Good work, but you have to worker harder at it and introduce lines that everyone can sing... I mean lines that are easy to remember and it would make a good song.

      Thumbs up

    • Hunbbel Meer profile image

      Syed Hunbbel Meer 6 years ago from Karachi, Pakistan.

      @ BenWritings

      THanks for your feedback =)

    • BenWritings profile image

      BenWritings 6 years ago from Save me from, Tennessee

      In all honesty...the lyrics are good, and it's obvious you are heartfelt in your work, but I wasn't really feeling the video.

      I appreciate your words, and thanks for posting on my thread

    • Hunbbel Meer profile image

      Syed Hunbbel Meer 6 years ago from Karachi, Pakistan.

      @ Fay Paxton .. Thanks for the encouragement =)

    • Hunbbel Meer profile image

      Syed Hunbbel Meer 6 years ago from Karachi, Pakistan.

      @ Nan ... Of course :) Well a writer should enjoy all the moods, and that's what I have done ;)

    • profile image

      Fay Paxton 6 years ago

      Like anything else, Hunbbel, the more you work at it, the better you'll get.

    • profile image

      Nan 6 years ago

      Beautiful expressions and you have to keep going, and not take too much time for sadness!