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The blood of angels....short story

Updated on December 6, 2010

Drawing a ragged breath, my back straightening as the contraction subsided, the lightning streaking across the sky filling the woods with light before the clash of thunder rolled over the mountain side.

The ground seemed to shake under my feet as I took hesitant steps forward. The storm had been brewing all day, but I had to take the risk. Leaving the haven of the mountain I had gone to the village for supplies, winter was closing in fast and if my size of my belly was any indication the baby was due soon. Hissing in pain, the heshian bags dropping from my hands as I doubled over again, falling to my knees as the angry dark clouds released their downpour. Soaking me in seconds as I rocked, the lightning and thunder fading to the background as a deep moan broke out of my lips.

The pain, the contractions where too close together, all the books had said it would start slowly, work its way to being minutes apart. But this pregnancy was nothing like the books had said, why I had thought the labour would be any different.

Breathing hard through the pain as my stomach contorted under my hands, I staggered back to my feet. Bags forgotten. I had to get to the cabin. The baby was on its way after only five months of carrying it. But I was the size of any full term mother in any hospital. Yet I couldn't call for help, it was too dangerous.

Cursing my own stupidity I stumbled up the slick path clinging to trees as the contractions brought deep groans of pain from my lips. It was my own damn fault for being a silly slut led astray by a handsome smile. Pushing off the tree I shook my head at he memory of his smile. He was like an ancient god brought to life, but when he had smiled at me, the whole world had melted away and for the first time in my life I spent that night, in the arms of a lover.

He was everything I had ever dreamed of, and so much more. Locked in my apartment, the passion burning every rational thought I had away, as I gave everything I had. And more. Oh god so much more.

The pain was worsening, sliding down to my knees, my whole body rocking like a wounded animal looking for comfort, my groan turning to a scream as my waters broke. Lightning Filled the sky, forking out in multiple streams. Slamming into several trees near me, the wet wood catching alight instantly bathing me in the glow of the hot fires. As the contraction eased I looked up from where my fingers had dug into the mud. The sky was black with storm clouds, but the white wings of the Angels circling above made my heart skip faster with fear. They had found me.

A sob escaped my lips as I pulled myself to my feet. I had to get to the cabin; my baby wasn't going to be born in the mud. He or she deserved better then that. No baby was evil, but I quickened my step, as the angels moved in. their battle shout loud in my ears as I tried to run.

Everything had gone wrong not long after I woke up after that night alone. My cotton sheets stained with the smell of him as was my soul. Sitting in mass that Sunday I was both guilty and thrilled about what had occurred, knowing I had to confess of my sin, but knowing that I couldn't. As wrong it was too sleep with a man out of wedlock, let alone a stranger, I had to promise not to do it again. But everything in me yearned for his touch, I was filled with need just thinking of him. I was an addict and I didn't even know his name.

Within days I was sick, not just in the mornings, but all the time. Staring at my doctor, in shock, as he had read the results of the blood test.


The ultrasound confirmed it, roughly two and a half months along. Imposable as it was the evidence was in front of me. The baby's arms and legs clearly able to be seen, on the screen.

Shell shocked I found myself in my church staring at the confessional. The priest was an old family friend; he would know it was me. But he was bound by his oaths he could tell no one. Crossing myself I stepped in.

At the end of my tearful confession I blurted “Please father I don't know what to do”

“This child is evil” the words seemed to hang in the silence between us for a moment before he had continued his voice strained, deeper then normal. “You must terminate it at once”

“But that’s murder!” even then my hands had risen protectively over my stomach.

“Do this and you will be forgiven of your sin!”

Stumbling from the booth, the stone statues in the church had turned their faces towards me, their eyes real in their cold faces as they stared at me. Running from the church, I raced home. There was no way; I was going to kill my child. How could the priest say what he did? It made no sense at all. Nothing did anymore.

It was the following day that the first angel tried to kill me, on the way to my parent’s house, it had appeared in front of me on the empty winding road. Slamming on the brakes as he had out- furled his wings to their full extent. The beauty before me was so captivating that my hands stilled on the wheel as my car spun out of control. I had been too enchanted to scream as the car went over the embankment. It was the shock of water hitting my face through my open window that snapped me out of it.

I never did make it to my parent’s house that night or any other since.

Leaving town, I ran. But you can’t outrun god. The attacks came at me in so many different ways that I barely slept, trusting no one and during all of this my stomach grew, my dreams where filled with wondrous and terrifying things. But my baby was alive. Hurt and scared as I now was they had not won. Somehow I always survived without a scratch. Following my dreams had led me to the mountain, and so for the last month I had been at peace. Not leaving the cabin until today, I had eaten the last of the supplies that the cabin had been stocked with.

My stomach contorted, breathing hard, I groaned as the pain made me stumble my hand reaching out to stop my fall. Passing through the flames engulfing the tree. My hand unscathed as the wood warped under my fingers from the heat surrounding it.

“Sorry baby” I whispered as my hair lifted off the back of neck from the wind of the angel’s wings as it raised its sword over me.

“The child is not allowed to be born:”

the tree screeched as a demon, rushed past me, diving under the angels upraised sword it attacked. From all the burning trees sprang demons, of all shapes and sizes. Any other time my mind would have boggled at the imposable sight. But right now I just squeezed tight my eyes and shrieked in agony!

This child was going to rip me apart!

The storm intensified over me as the battle of demons and angels raged. The sound of swords striking steel, claw and flesh filling the air. As power was flung in giant bursts across the sky, more deadly then the lightning bolts before them. And strangely more beautiful.

The contractions where coming fast, I had to get out of the mud. My legs where covered in it from where i had fallen, my dress was soaked though I wouldn't even be able to wrap him or her in that.

“Hold on baby” I whispered as I pushed off the tree the cabin wasn't that far, taking two steps my legs crumbled as the urge to bear down became overwhelming.

“No baby,” I groaned, trying hard not to push as i righted myself on my knees my hands digging though the dirt into my palms cutting my palm, “not here!”

“You have to call him,” a soft voice in my ear whispered. Gritting my teeth, through the pain, I looked up at a beautiful demon woman. Her horns curled over her hair a sword in her hand as she knelt by me. Her eyes on the battle in the sky above us.


“The father, call him” shaking my wet hair out my eyes I stared at her confused.

“I don't know who he is” I snapped at her as my whole pelvis tightened arching my back I pushed down, unable to resist the urge. Screaming with both pain and frustration I withered, her voice grating as my whole focus became what was happening to me. Nothing else mattered. Not even the war that I was somehow a part of.

“You know who he is; you just have to admit it to yourself”

Shaking my head in denial I struggled to breathe. Everything was going wrong. With shaking hands I managed to drag my underwear to my knees before I was gripped again in hell. My body bearing down against the pain as my vision swam.

Turning with a snarl she raised her sword dispatching the angel easily, nothing but a few feathers left.

Whirling easily into the air she engaged again as her leather like wings unfolded out of her spine.

“They will kill you and the babe, Call him” the demon yelled at me, her sword parrying the attack of two perfect angels.

“I cant” I sobbed. It couldn't be true. I wasn't ready to face it yet, I didn't want anymore proof then I already had.

“Suck it up” she growled over her shoulder as she threw the angels back “Save the babe” distracted the demon didn't see the holy sword as it was thrust through her body in one clean stroke,

Gripped tightly in a coil of pain, I pushed again my eyes fixated on the angels streaming towards me, their faces stern in the light of the holy weapons raised to strike me and my child down.

Through the pain I forced the name that was buried in the back of my mind through my tight teeth.

The ground erupting by my feet as the dragon burst through the stone of the mountain, raining dirt and debris everywhere as it coiled is wingless body into the sky. It‘s open maw swallowing the nearest angels in one easy bite as it grew in size. Its enraged roar causing the ground itself to quake and crack open.

Holding onto the tree, I Pushed with everything I had, screaming as the head finally passed through. Panting for breath my eyes fixated on the carnage in sky. The dragons’ fire had sent dozens of angels to the ground in burning heaps. The others tried to rally, but the demons reinforced with none other then their master, surged forward. The rain that fell on my uplifted face, was now mingled with the blood of angles.

Brushing it out of my eyes I leaned back into a squat, my hands ready as I breathed deep. Biting back the scream as his shoulders left me, catching my breath I stopped pushing and slowly gently pulled him free of my body.

The fear dropping away as I pulled him to me, unbuttoning the top of my dress to place him against my skin. His perfect little body shivered against me as he let out his first cry. Looking down at him I traced his face with a shaking finger, totally lost in the awe of him, his cry stilling as I moved my bra aside my body aching to feed him.

As his mouth enclosed around my nipple. The ground heaved and tilted, looking up as the dragon transformed into my lover, the father of my child. The very sight of him, fulfilling my sick obsession even as horror overwhelms me at last.

The rain slowly coming to stop around me as he knelt by my side, not minding the blood that surrounds me, as he stares into the face of the child. His child. Born of mortal woman. I had just fulfilled the worst prophecy on earth.

Raising his eyes from his son feeding at my breast he smiled that irresistible smile.

“It’s all in the way you look at it”


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    • nighthag profile imageAUTHOR

      K.A.E Grove 

      8 years ago from Australia

      for the longest time, I struggled with short story writing as well, always feeling like I had so much more to say, but one of the best pieces of advice I got was to start the story as close to the end as you could so the action immediately draws the reader in...

      I am so glad that that you liked this, having the birth a big part of the story its great to hear that others find the scene believable, a great compliment thank you!

    • 4elements profile image


      8 years ago

      it was a great read. i should try and write more short stories, instead of my longer ones. That dont seem to get hits, but my imagination wont turn off because when i get an idea it grows and grows until my mind says ok now its the end. Being a mother of 3 you captured the pain of childbirth to a T my friend. but no matter how bad it hurt when its done its gone not a trace left of pain, just over welming love for the creation in your arms. thank you

    • nighthag profile imageAUTHOR

      K.A.E Grove 

      8 years ago from Australia

      thanks, I am glad you enjoyed it.

      I mentally agree with you, that perhaps it would be better for the world to get rid of the child, but some decisions are made with the heart...

      thanks for the read :)

    • bugslady8949 profile image


      8 years ago from The Bahamas

      I think you create good hubs, if i was the woman no offense i would get rid of it. I am not going to put the anti Christ in the world, if i had the chance.

    • nighthag profile imageAUTHOR

      K.A.E Grove 

      8 years ago from Australia

      Thank you so much for the compliments, this was the first short story that i wrote just for hubs...very glad you liked it :)

    • Setharion profile image


      8 years ago from Australia

      Another lead into a possibly quite awesome series... You are great at expression and capturing every moment. Trauling more of your works. Thanks

    • nighthag profile imageAUTHOR

      K.A.E Grove 

      8 years ago from Australia

      Thanks :) I was going for a "Little disturbing"

      I Am new to writing shorting stories, so thanks heaps for the feed back

    • Mmiller_89 profile image

      Michael Miller 

      8 years ago from Las Vegas

      This was a good story, although a little disturbing. I like your writing style, it's very easy to follow.


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