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The feeling of completion- Journal Challenge, Day 30

Updated on April 22, 2015

Completion Defined

It is finished. I am complete. The Write Here, Right Now: 30 Day Journaling Challenge is over. This is the last entry. Phew! I wrote 30 articles within 30 days by the grace and strength of God. The group intention “to develop a process to gain access to a deeper understanding of ourselves and then be moved to action based on that understanding” was set and accomplished. The challenge mantra rings loud and true, stating, “The words that I think and speak are powerful. I use them to dig deep, forge ahead and construct my world.” We have done that; I have done that and will be forever grateful to journaling challenge initiator and Restorer of Peace, Candice Watkins.

I Feel ...

I feel complete, amazed and empowered at what God allowed me to do. There was a point when I had about 12 journals to do and about three days to get them done. I had even initially stated in My Intentions journal that I would complete the challenge regardless of what day they got written because I didn’t think I would finish by the 30th. But God’s grace is sufficient. I feel courageous because I published very intimate details of my life during this challenge in an effort to be transparent and authentic for my process of healing, growth and transformation. I feel lightened and lifted through the sharing and shifting that has taken place.

I feel especially thankful, privileged and proud that God provided the opportunity for me to use the Free Write option in this last cycle for sharing a private and sacred part of my life with Supernatural Experience. It was down to zero hour and I could have typed one word to honor the journal challenge commitment, but was led to write what was present for me, which turned out to be twice as long as the previous 28 journals I wrote.

I feel strong, successful, transformed and spiritually invigorated. I am not the same. My behavior has changed and I feel encouraged, excited and expectant about the best that is yet to come.

NOTE: Write Here, Right Now: 30 Day Journaling Challenge, Cycle 3-Day 30. The challenge is complete. Hallelujah! Thank you, God!

Be blessed,

Jo Anne Meekins


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    • Inspired 4 U profile image

      Jo Anne Meekins 3 years ago from Queens, NY

      Thank you MotherofNations! It was indeed an experience and a transformational achievement. Glory be to God!

      Be blessed!

    • mothersofnations profile image

      Mothers of Nations 3 years ago

      Congratulations! That is no small feat! God bless you.