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Tomato Chizz Cake

Updated on January 22, 2013

Strange Facts

Dear readers, from past few days I have been thinking about different things which complement each other, however they never end together. Confused? Well let’s take a look at a few illustrated below.

Life and Money

Life against Money
Life against Money

Life and Money

From the day we were born till the day we die, at each and every step of life, we need money to buy stuff and fulfill our requirements. Some people are poor and some are rich. Let it be from any class, think this through, none of them will be able to control their flow of money.

To elaborate, there is a huge population around the world living under poverty line. Most of them die due to inability to earn their daily bread. This results in starvation and later on death. Thus money ends well before the last breath of these people.

On the other hand, rich or let’s say those who are able manage their savings efficiently (Which is entirely doubtful) may have a lot of saving but what type of disease they may get cannot be predicted. Thus how much they might have to spend remains an enigma. In order to be on the safer side the save a huge amount, especially for their later life. However medical bills are never affected by the savings of anyone and often, in such cases, some amount is left over even after the last breathe.

So no matter how efficient you are with your finance, you can never be exact. Strange but True!!!

Let me know if I am wrong!!!

Every day we walk or drive from our home to work or other places and return. There is something interesting here. Have you ever noted the distance from source to destination? If you have, you might have noticed it is never exact. Here’s my point distance from source to destination is never exact figure like 6 miles/KM or so. It will be 6.1 or 5.9 atleast but not 6. More interestingly, even in 2 consecutive journeys to the same place from the same source even the decimals vary.

Let me know if I am wrong!!!

It’s Funny!!!

First one may be a bit confusing and second one may be surprising, so now it’s time to share some chuckles. Lot of us would have faced this situation atleast once so far (For me least is 10!! LOLzzz!!!). Everyone of us use motor vehicles to travel from one place to another almost everyday. All these motor vehicles need energy source to function which is often petrol, diesel or gasoline. Now think about this, most of the time we refill its tank as soon as we are indicated about its minimum level. However sometimes being distracted we don’t notice it and it runs out of fuel and we have to push it to the nearby pump or gas station. However, let me know if this occurred at any single time when you reached the station and the last drop of your fuel was over.

Strange? It has to be, though motor vehicles need frequent refilling you cannot reach at the pump at the same time when the last drop is out. Either it will run out of fuel first or when you reach the station for refill there will be some left.

Hilarious, isn’t it???!!!

These were a few strange thoughts which came across so far. And I am glad to share it with you. Please let me know if you’ve enjoyed reading and should I work on it in future as well.

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