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Uncertain Certainty

Updated on November 10, 2011

As with all thoughts the lines rise and fall,

the electric pulse of the brain pulsates without accord,

one moment reaches the next with certain parallel,

the parallels of the productive cycles of life.

One moment there is favorable events unfolding,

the next a catastrophic event reduces the threshold,

in uncertain times there is but one reduction,

a simplification of the timeless folds of humanity.

The folds that mold us and create our selfishness,

a quanity that gives light to every aspect of creation,

the creation of a monster that wants to devour,

lifes way of recreating a uncertain prediction mounting.

Is there any way to run from the uncertain certainty,

the certainty that every living being resides by,

every species on the planet of this earth,

every other dimension following along strings of justification.

This justification guarentees swift results from unknown cataclysm,

from events that shake the boundries of every strand of grass,

disaster that can move the fortifications of mountains,

to dismantle the very core of our puny nickel based center.

Gravity couldn't compare to the destructive uncertainty bound,

the multitudes running but for no rhyme or reason,

they don't understand that no one understands time's ending,'s starting again...Uncertain Certainty,

Are you certain of uncertain things?

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    • profile image

      Emmah 4 years ago

      Well the literal trsatlnae works here. Sounds nice enough too @ thequark. Love Chashme Buddoor, though I dont think that the origin of the baar baar phrase.

    • MrsHernandez profile image

      MrsHernandez 6 years ago from Florida