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What Makes An Accent Good?

Updated on November 18, 2014 | Source


Today's subject will be about how an accent can be good, I got inspired to write such a topic from a fellow internet user whom I know nothing about but he/she liked to comment as such on two of my videos on Youtube.

He/she commented on my accent being not that good at all, at first I wanted to ignore that but I couldn't so instead I replied, his/her comment was totally out of the subject I was talking about, my video was about a make up tutorial so this kinda of made me feel that as if he/she wrote that to get my attention and reply,I think he/she succeeded at doing that or perhaps he/she really needed to let me know that my accent is not good at all as if I was bragging or pretending to have an excellent fluent English or to be the mrs know it all or good at it all, even if I was acting or pretending this, what's the sense and point of telling me this?

What even makes a particular accent good? A certain language can be spoken in hundreds of accents and of course not all of us might like all the accents or think that a particular accent is good. So finding a particular accent good or bad just depends on the viewpoint and the opinions. A certain opinion is simply not a fact.

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A relation Between Grammar And An Accent?

For example, I like the British accent more than the American one, does that make the American accent less good? No! They're both good the difference is just that I have set up a viewpoint upon these two according to how I prefer words to be spoken so this totally now is in the category of preferring and not in the facts one.

The commenter said that there's no relation between the accent and the grammar, I do find a relation between these two though and they're both also related to the languages in general so how wouldn't they have a relation between each other and between other factors that make up a specific language?

Your thoughts on this my fellow writers?

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If I'm to speak about myself and about my accent, I find it pretty good and understandable and that's what matters, having an understandable accent,good grammar and the use of accurate and right vocabulary words.

My accent has been rated by Professional English teachers and native English speaker as perfect though and I'm not saying that to brag or anything, it's just how things happened.
I think the commenter mixed between my way of talking with my accent, there's a whole big difference between these two, he/she mixed between my slow way of talking and my accent, the accent is though defined by how we pronounce words.
I don't ever think that a certain accent should be judged to be good or bad.
Your thoughts about this?


Do think there's a necessity to judge a certain accent even if it was totally and completely understandable?

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