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What to Write For Your Next Hub or Blog Post? ( 50+ Topics and Ideas, Writing Prompts)

Updated on November 4, 2019
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Krishna has been a writer for almost 10 years. Writing is an expression of oneself.

Mental block? Have a hard time thinking of the next topic or ideas for your next blog post? Can't seem to start? Don't worry, we've all been there. Here are some ideas to get you started writing.


Topics On Books

1. Write a review of the last book you read.

2. Compile a list of your favorite quotes from a book.

3. Write an article about all the lessons that you can learn from the book that you read.

4. Make a comparison between two books, preferably 'Book 1' and 'Book 2'.

5. Write an alternate ending for the story that you read.

6. List your favorite characters from the book that you read.

7. Make a list for the best books for the romance genre, or thriller genre, self-help, etc. Make one for the one that you truly enjoy reading. (Ex. Top 5 Self-Help Books That Will Improve Your Life)

8. Make a compilation of your favorite lines from your favorite character.

9. Write an argument on why he is the best character out of the series.

10. Write a reflection on the Bible verses that you have read (Ex. What We Learned From Ecclesiastes (Reflections on Bible Verses)).

11. List Bible verses that are suitable for 'friendships', 'moving on', etc.

12. Write an article about your favorite author naming the books that he/she has written.

13. Make a compilation of all your favorite lines from your favorite author.

Music and Entertainment Topics

14. Write a review of the last show you have watched (Ex. Anime Review: Gin Tama (and Why It's the Best)).

15. Write a list of the best lines of this certain character from a movie.

16. Write an article about the best characters from a movie or show.

17. List down the best movies for a certain genre (Ex.Top 10 Best Anime Movies, Top 7 Most Inspirational Movies Of All Time).

18. Write a list of your favorite scenes from a certain character of a movie or show (Ex. Top 5 Legendary Performances from Queendom).

19. Write an article about your favorite character, actor, or musician (Ex. 10 Reasons Why Everybody Loves BTS J-Hope (Jung Hoseok)).

20. Recommend a movie or show by writing a review (Ex. 'Colorful' (2010): Recommended for the Troubled and Depressed (A Must-Watch Anime Movie Review)).

21. Write a comparison between two movies or two shows (Ex. Comparison between Season 1 and Season 2, Marvels vs. DC), etc.).

22. Write a list of the best on certain genres of music (Ex. Top 10 BTS Songs With The Most Inspirational Lyrics, Best Worship Songs to Lift Up Your Spirit, etc.).

23. Write a list of the best movies or shows made by a certain director or actor.

24. Write about the lessons that you have learned from a movie or show.

25. Write an analysis of the meaning behind a song.

26. Write an analysis of the possible meaning of a foreshadowing scene of a certain movie or show (Ex. Before the movie ends, "a certain character is seen rising from the ashes", what could be happening on the next movie?).

27. Write a list of the best villains for a certain genre.

28. Write a list of the best protagonists for a certain genre.

29. List certain actors that are suitable for a certain role for an upcoming movie or show.

30. Write an alternate ending for a movie or show.

31. Write about the symbols or implications that some people may have missed in a movie or show.

Job and Career Topics

32. Write an extensive description of a job that you are knowledgable about (Ex. What to Expect in Becoming a Medical Technologist (Job Description, Expertise, Skills))

33. Write a 'how-to' on how to easily get hired on a certain job (Ex. How to Prepare for an Effective Teaching Demonstration (Tips and Strategies)).

34. Write about the advantages and disadvantages of a certain job.

35. Write about a process that you master doing on a certain work.

36. Write about all the possible career options from the course that you have graduated from.

37. Write a reflection from the work that you are doing right now.

38. Write about all the sources of income that you can get from the career that you are pursuing right now.

Topics on Gadgets and Other Stuff (Games, Applications, etc.)

39. Write about the gadget or stuff that you are eyeing for.

40. Write a review of the gadget or stuff that you have.

41. Make a comparison between two gadgets or stuff (Ex. Samsung a20s vs. a30, 'Brand 1' make-up collection vs. 'Brand 2' make up collection, etc.).

42. Write a 'how-to' on how to operate certain gadgets and stuff (Ex. How to download 'certain game' on 'certain model of the phone').

43. List all the best applications that you can download on a certain gadget.

44. Write a walk-through on the last game that you have played (Ex. "Mysterious Forum and 7 Rumors" (Visual Novel) Game Walkthrough).

45. Write a review of the applications that you have used.

46. Make a comparison between the applications that you have tried.


47. Write about the reflections that you have at your age (Ex. 20 Things You Should Have Learned in Your 20s).

48. Write about a struggle that you have overcome and how you did it (Ex. How to Deal With Identity Crisis? (and What Is It All About), How I Dealt With Bullying?,etc.).

49. Write about the last heartache that you experienced and write what you have learned from it (Ex. Why He Is Not the Right Person for You (Sad Truth)).

50. Write about the lessons that you have learned from someone or someone that is special to you (Ex. 10 Life Lessons You Can Learn From Dogs, 10 Life Lessons You Can Learn From Cats, etc.).

51. Write about your latest achievement and how you achieved it.

52. Write a theory about something that piques your interest (Ex. A Theory On Weirdness).

Lifestyle and Other Topics

53. Write about the last travel that you have done.

54. Describe your experience by doing something for the first time.

55. Write about a certain place or event.

56. Recommend a food stall or restaurant that you really liked.

55. Write a food review of a certain restaurant or place that you have visited.

56. Write a review of a certain place or hotel that you have visited.

Enjoy Writing!

© 2019 Krishna


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