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Why I Love Connie Jean? 10 Top Reasons

Updated on July 18, 2015
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Dallas W Thompson was born in Bakersfield, California to "Grapes of Wrath" descendants. First born son of three siblings of a preacher

Connie Jean!

Connie Jean: Full of life, laughter and love...
Connie Jean: Full of life, laughter and love...
Lucky Man! Dallas and Connie.
Lucky Man! Dallas and Connie. | Source
When asked, "How did you manage to stay together for 65 years?" The woman replied, " We were born in a time when something was broke, you fixed it - not throw it away!   Connie and I share our love of  "fixing us" before we go to sleep...
When asked, "How did you manage to stay together for 65 years?" The woman replied, " We were born in a time when something was broke, you fixed it - not throw it away! Connie and I share our love of "fixing us" before we go to sleep...

My Life is Under Construction!

I am a Life Learner

Given I am a "hard-headed," strong-willed, take charge individual, I do learn. Sometimes the "hard way." I have recently completed the renovation of a "free-throw-away" cabin cruiser to create a value of $95,000. It took 4 months of 7 days a week focused efforts with lots of help.

The process mirrors my life. I have recently declared bankruptcy. As a real estate developer, I was exposed to the economic downturn. Game over. What to do? Start another game! My five-year relationship had ended. Life was a challenge. I know and understand the difference between "winners and losers" is resiliency. I must rebuild my personal and business life. I am 66 years old...

Connie Jean Comes Back into My Life!

From out-of-the-blue, on Facebook I see a woman I had dated 32 years ago. Wow! Her information listed her as recently widowed. Connie Jean (she prefers Connie) was "available." I do not take no for an answer.

Years ago, I attempted to "buy her." Some examples: I purchased two houses for her... both times she had separated from her husband. Both times, she went back to her husband... I had purchased the entire floral display from the showroom floor and had delivered to her employer - a major Newspaper. I hired an artist to draw a life-sized picture of her etc... She made a decision that was best for her: stick to her marriage for better or worse. I was crushed. Rejection was something I had not experienced. I was always in charge.

Connie Jean is my best cheerleader - she was one in high school. Best of all, she believes in me. I believed in the cabin cruiser when I first look at her. The cabin cruiser as mention in another article was is a sad state of affairs. Stripped, in such bad shape, I got her for "free." However, her foundation was good. The "Glenda Fae" (cabin cruiser) had a good engine and hull. I had something to build on.

Connie Jean offered the same process. A solid foundation in our relationship to build on. I know no one can "complete me." I must "construct" and repair myself. However, the process is almost "fun" when you have an energetic cheerleader!

Rebuilding Me: One Step-at-a-Time

The process has begun. I have many tools available for the process. My experiences have provided insights of what is important and what is not. I was born poor. I have experienced the pain of "over achievement." Yes, to over achieve is as disruptive as under achievement. What do you do when you retire at age 33? Who are you? What is important? What is the meaning of life? Life's philosophical questions are not easily answered. I have "retired" three times... I have learned money will not buy you happiness.

Connie Jean makes it "easy" to focus on living life at its natural rhythm... to relax and enjoy the process. Connie Jean has proved the benefits of sticking to your commitments until "death you part." She is a better person honoring her commitment. I am a better person having experienced my "challenges."

Together we produce synergy. Together we know and share what is important. I celebrate her vitality. She is one of the happiest person I know. Her laughter is contagious.

Life is What We Make of it!

I know and understand Connie Jean cannot solve my “challenges.” It is simply “fun” to have her in my life while I do my homework. I am excited about the future. I have learned being “rich” is not about money. I have learned being rich is making the right decisions with priorities that are best for me and those who love me. I may achieve the balance sheet I once had. It is not my goal. My goal is to enjoy the process of life. Life has no “dress rehearsals.” This is it!

Thank You Connie Jean for Being You!

My number one goal in life is to be myself and provide an environment where Connie Jean’s laughter permeates my being. Her essence of life is of sterling quality. Conie Jean is a “keeper!” I am eager to rebuild, and renew my vigor and zest for life as it presents itself!

Ten Top Reasons I Love Connie Jean

10. She is fun to be with.

9. She is loyal

8. She is sincere

7. She is energetic

6. She is reliable

5. She is compassionate

4. She is passionate

3. She has a “zest” for life, she is vivacious

2. She authentic

1. She loves me!

Renovating "Glenda Fae" - A Cabin Cruiser

600 Mile Ocean Adventure:

My book: www. mindcontrolx dot com

or enter into Google: Eyes Wide Shut: An enigma


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