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Writing On Line; Tips for Newbies Part III

Updated on April 14, 2015

Part One of this series gave an overview of writing sites, Part Two focused on Comment Trolls, who exist to discourage, embarrass and chase. In this part I will deal with other perils of Online Writing for the Newbie.

I composed this series to prevent the neonate from learning the hard way.

Chosing The Venue

There are a number of writing sites. Some are better than others. What you want is a site that has a strong record of payment. A site that allows you to edit and/or delete your work; thus not tampering with your ownership. A site where you can delete inappropriate comments and spam.

This is only a partial list of writing sites which are available all over the world.  There are others which require writers to reside in the United States, have all sorts of regulations and restrictions, and aren't worth the time it takes to read the Terms of Service.


This is one of the older steady sites. One is paid per hit. Depending on what category one is published in the rates change. These rates are posted on the site. You will note, for example, a poem needs more views to gain 1c than does a factual article on health.

Besides the site paying you, one can also get an Adsense account so you are literally paid twice for one article.

Triond has an automatic editor. Human eyes never see your work. A computer programme bounces what it considers plagiarism. In the past one could contact a mammal. Not anymore.
If an article contains too much factual information, quotes, references, it will be declined.

Random Sites


Originally, this site challenged Triond. Then it changed and paid via Adsense and Adsense alone. For some reason, Bukisa items never gained the eye of public as frequently as Triond. Recently, it has gone down for 'maintenance' then returned in a non paying mode. This site Does Not Pay..


Originally, this site paid only via Adsense. Now it has a similar policy to Triond. As it gets more visitors you can make more money. Whatever you write is posted immediately You can easily edit or remove an article as you keep your copywrite.


This site was highly rated. It had very high ratings. It went down in May and returned in January and is a total waste of keystroke.


This site only pays via Adsense for clicks on an Ad. Hence 10k views nets 0. It is virtually a venue for ad copy. Hence if you're hawking merchandise that's where you go, as the ads around your article will probably be similar to what you are selling. There is no moderation.


This is a good site. It pays directly, not much but it pays. There is moderation.


This is a scam. Do not join this site. If you are lured into it, use a false name and an American proxy. It will only pay those from America who can contact the FBI

Must Avoids

The King of Must Avoids is the aforementioned Bubblews. This is an online writing Ponzi. Last year a number of Shills ran about hawking this site on every forum, message board, writing site in existence.

Helium is another waste of time. One is always 'competing' with other Members to be published, having to rate articles, spending hours and getting nothing. Those who do get receive a one off payment.

Always read the Terms of Service. Any site which buys your copyright is a must miss.

Understand that articles grow revenue over time. If you wrote a piece on Olive Oil three years ago on Triond it will still be gaining revenue for you. Every so often you network it on new sites and might get a spike, so that suddenly there are 500 hits and you are paid for those hits.


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