Best Places to visit in Chennai

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    Mahabalipuram is popular for Architectonic and is one of the icons of Indian Culture. It is located on the beach side of the Bay of Bengal and at a distance of 58 Km from Chennai. It is a sophisticated and historical place to visit. The Palavas is passion about the carvings, Sculptures and artistic temples. The sculptures and the temples are carved without using Brick, wood, metal, limestone bath, carved with mountain and rocks. The shore temple was constructed with aesthetics.
    The main places to visit here are,
    Shore Temple in Mahabalipuram
        The people have faith in the seven magnificent temples namely seven pagodas. All the temples have been carved on the sea shore. Lord Siva has two temples and Lord Vishnu one temple.
    Arjuna's Penance
        To make proud of Arjuna this was built in a rock.
        The mandapams namely Krishna Mandapam, Mahishasuramardhini Mandapam and Varaha Mandapam
    Panch Rathas
        It refers to the Pancha Pandavas of Mahabharatha. The Panch Rathas are,
    Draupadi's Rath
    Arjuna's Rath
    Bhima Rath
    Dharmraj Yudhistar's Radha
    Nakul-Sahadev's Rath

    Other Tourist Attraction
    Trimurthi Cave
    Kodikkal Mandapam
    Replica of Arjuna's Penance
    Ramanuja Mandapam
    Adivaraha Temple etc.