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What is the best places to visit and why?

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    Shelena Pascualposted 15 months ago

    What is the best places to visit and why?

    I want to vacation sometime, but dont know where.

  2. PhoenixV profile image68
    PhoenixVposted 15 months ago

    The coast of North California and Oregon is scenic. Cant go wrong with mountains or coasts unless you are used to them. Colorado is beautiful. 14K mountains or oceans have an inspiring effect.

  3. Ahylin Quintanal profile image60
    Ahylin Quintanalposted 15 months ago

    Dominican Republic hands down. Once you pay for the hotel, all food and activities are included so you won't find yourself paying for just about anything and its a beautiful place with beautiful people.

  4. KsenijaZ profile image95
    KsenijaZposted 15 months ago

    Oh, so many great places around the world ... depends on what kind of a vacation do you like ... how far are you willing to travel ... for how long ...