Banned Books Week 2012 is September 30 through October 6.

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    ptosisposted 5 years ago

    30th anniversary of Banned Books Week and the theme is "30 years of Liberating Literature."

    Are books currently banned from our bookstores, and other outlets? I find it very hard to believe that in this techno-age that it is even possible but as hubbers well know - if google marginalizes you to invisibility - isn't that a form of 'banning'?

    Please list banned books here!

    I'll start:

    The Black Hole: The Real Story of the Man Who Was Forced to Become The Double Of Saddam Hussein's Sadistic Son by Latif Yahia

    It's "available" for $136 / zero copies and yup - it's banned alright. It's the same guy that the Hollywood movie, The Devil's Double was all about but starts after what the movie ends. And no, the movie is not banned, but the following book says a few bad things about the CIA - and well - can't have that info out!

    I thought the banning thing was a way to create 'heat' and sell more books but on his website he is compelled to post it online for free because he is paranoid about his safety.

    Here's his web site: … ed-in.html