Did modern Christians and Jews take "kaneh bosem" out of the bible?

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    andrew savageposted 4 years ago

    Did modern Christians, Jews and Muslims take "kaneh bosm" out of more recently printed bibles?
    Has anyone else noticed that the words in the bible change with every new publication? At first glance one may assume that it is because our linguistic understanding of the people who wrote the bible has evolved. But I am not too sure about that assumption anymore.

    "I will not break thy covenant, nor (will I) alter what thy lips have uttered." Psalm 89:34

    It is my understanding that Exodus 30: 22-25 used to, up until recently, describe a recipe for anointing oil containing Kaneh-Bosem (marijuana) as a means to communicating with the Lord of Hosts, the leader of the Elohim and Judeo-Christian Covenant. When were the words taken out, and are there any surviving copies that made it past the Inquisitions and Crusades?

    Suffice it to say that I do not believe that the Papacy, the Pope and his office, are the incarnations of the Christus nor do I believe in the authenticity of the word of the Roman Catholic Church or any of the faiths that emerged as a result of the inception of Catholicism. Nor do I believe the Catholicus truly stands for universalism (anymore). So who am I to believe when they say they know what god uttered to them word for word, especially when they change that word with every publication?

    My recommendation for anyone looking for a religion to convert to is to stay as far away from the Abrahamic faiths as possible as the words of their scriptures have been altered a great deal and there are no original copies currently in circulation for the general masses to study, meaning that the entire thing is one of the most popular fabrications of human history and has cost far too many human lives.