1. Hira Khan24 profile image60
    Hira Khan24posted 7 years ago

    When a life came into birth. it has a specific purpose, some people lavish it but few fight for it. The first we need to know is: what is the intention of our birth? prehaps it will take time, hence whenever we acquires the precise way, we have to struggle for it. When I was a teenager, I did think about "what type of profession I will choose?", if you will ask for it? I will say I am a creative kind of person like since childhood I found of making or creating things, I love colours, and I cant see the scraps, if I do so something inside me, pushes me to do something creative with it. come to the I thought out to be: a architect, interior designer, jewelery designer or dress desighner etc. There is a huge list of it, forget it. incidentally! i didn't achieve any of them, sadly! whatsoever I am trying to neglect al the things and I am almost done. As we all know God has better plans for everyone, God did change mine too. eventually I am becoming soon a writer. Although, the target is not that easy to go, just because of myself like I dont have confidence to achieve or win the goal and its a big fat problem that prevent me to stay away from my God gifted aim, maybe most of th people have it too. Such as we know the problem, now how can we solve it? of course it can possible by focusing to our aim, practising it and by our many attempts for it like the great muslim ruler "Mehmood Ghaznawi": who conquered the Panjab in Hindustan in 1001. All we need is to try like him so we can win anything whatever it is. Eventally this is my first attempt as a writer. I didn't mention before that I am found of stories too, and I am a lover and voluptuary of poetry. I did read most of the famous poets and inspite of it I do write poetry by myselfI have felt that poetry writting is easy then writting a essay or an artical, maybe I am afraid of it, yes I am! anymore, but it will not last I have seen many people are working on it in a excellent way except there is a lack of people like: Sir Syed Ahmed Khan, Molvi Abdul Haq, Allama Shibli Nomani and a huge group of great personalities, we had lost, and this is impossible to bring them back but we can try to be like them, the extraordinaries. I am bent on for and I will sacrifice all my dreams on it. If God has a will for me soon I will find it, I wont give up! I am a religious and libral kind of person, an honest human being, and a patriotic too, so by that I will write for my country by my heart. As everyone know that pakistan is in great crisis just because of greey and avaricious type of politician. I cant not think when we will find the good once.First of all we need is to walk upon Sir Syed's way, we should restart the movement of him for knowledge and education but it si not that easy to do in our country as everybody is aware of education system which is corrupted by our own hands. I am not speaking about the whole except most of us are in gloom of dishonestly which raises the corruption incidently nobody takes the duty the percentage of the students who work hard they are rid of it, now we can say that whole river is dirty by few bad fishes. If we go further we will see each and every sactor of pakistan is wicked by the cruel greedy people who just think of thereselves as it is a disease which is injected in the vains of our society and now it is growing swiftly. the cause of that is we had left the simplicity, no one wants to live there life with it, accept we are ruuning towards to get the luxurious life style and now a golden rule of Islam is drown. In the result we are facing many problem the whole country is sacking by those blood sackers. The poor once are becoming more poor, and the loop in there neck is getting tight day by day. These troubles are brewing because of sick and insane people of upper class, and the politicians. it is certain that the new generation must take the responsiblities. If we look upon the past of the great rulers of Mughal's impire did fall badly, because they lie down to their worldy deeds and it was a worse conclusion for muslims and a bad example. Now the muslim youth should discard the non muslim tradition and behaviour, and apply the great rules of Islam. We better have work upon it by being united, to take the first step towards faith, truth and fidelity for the betterment of our muslim nation and for our islamic country Pakistan.

    1. psycheskinner profile image85
      psycheskinnerposted 7 years agoin reply to this

      Paragraphs are your friend.


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