Heavens Gate

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    Dreamcatcherkyrahposted 4 years ago

    Heavens Gate

    The pain that you felt inside
    trapped like a prisoner
    control from one pill to the next
    wondering what the next one will do

    Will it heal you or would it kill you
    It gives you images of suicide
    But the dr. said it will heal you

    Cash flow kept you paralyzed
    In her comfort zone of money
    Told you material things were more precious
    I told you material things are not love

    The gift of life is precious
    You have only one shot
    Here today gone tomorrow
    One never knows when the candle blows out

    Resting in the gates of heaven
    I do hope that's where you are
    You let me go, I excepted it
    At times I was like a little child trying to hold on

    But I realized I could not keep on saving you
    My life you even tried to take
    It is time to let go
    You are now in the hands of the creator

    Entering into the gates of Heaven
    Is where I hope your pain is gone
    And you are free from sadness
    and torment from all those pharmacy medicine

    ©2011/Kyrah B L Hale
    Dream Catcher