Voice of a villain...

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    Anirudh-shreenathposted 3 years ago

    Voice of a villain…
    “Imagine how it feels like to tell the whole world, you tell the whole world that you are the baddest people of the planet.” Since the moment I heard those words from Hunter I got wondered and questioned myself the same quote again and again. This made me feel the greatest attitudes of a lifetime and it awakened the inner voice inside. That is the voice of a villain. Voice raised and reigned till the very end which I admired. Convincing me it completely became one among me and now it is the voice speaking. I’m the voice, and what makes me villainous? Is it the bold sound? No. Now listen to me carefully because for the next few minutes it is going to be my voice and only mine that you will be listening to. This seems to be familiar to you doesn’t it? Yes it does. That is because I’m inside everybody. Whenever anger spills my voice is echoed in the surrounding. I certainly believe that I exist in each and every one of your hearts under the shade of darkness. It has been my core responsibility to grow my sins more that I could be crowned as the ‘king of kings’ in my castle but I prefer something more. There are many people who sound like me who mimic like me but I believe they can never become me because they are after something or the other which ultimately ends up being the very same old accomplishments. Some go for Gold, some for women and some for violence. These are the common goals and worst of all includes a rich valued piece of paper termed as money. I’m not one of these I would agree with the statement of the ‘Joker.’: “This city deserves a criminal of a better class.” It certainly does, but I don’t want to be a follower of someone instead I would like to be followed by a cult behind and maybe you people would certainly if I sound credible and convincing. In fact I want to be the best among all the class of criminals. But it doesn’t seem to convey that eternal dominance is my complete strength. No it certainly is just a powerful word of my oration I seek something more than that. I prefer not to be bounded with margins or restrictions because there is no need of ethics in being bad but yes there are principles of its own but boundless ones. Crime of violence, bloodshed, betrayal doesn’t concern me all it takes to complete the conscription is to take the beating of life. To be more specific to get beatings as hard as you can, never run but get your face punched. Feel the heel and endure the extreme dominance of beating and experience the pain. After the level of strength and endurance crosses its limit you will enter the cave of numbness. That is the moment your heart would sense the cold. Now fall not, stand steady and call for another beating, dare at the pain yet to come with bold and defiant eyes. What happens next? No one beats you, do you know why? They are afraid of you; they feel a new and strange fear inside themselves. They fear because you are not standing tall after all the bloody punches and kicks you have taken. Extreme strength comes out of nowhere. Still some fools would come again to thrash you, now is the perfect moment to hit him back. Give him the one and only blow of fatality. He would never breathe again. That is the punishment of dominance. The bruises you get are your medals; the bones you break are the rewards and most of all the blood you shed is the taste of victory. After the recovery, your body is immune for anything, by anything I mean anything or a person who comes to beat you. If anyone dares to cross the border just raise your voice louder as I did, they would back out. They start to walk along with you, and you must understand that they walk not out of fear but just out of in-depth admiration. Take fate as an example for instance. Whenever fate of life beats you with depression, just tolerate as much as you can. Suffer the pain of life with a daring and challenging laugh. Slowly the fate starts to fade; life’s strength gets weaker and weaker. It gives up the beating out of the strangest fear and now it’s your moment to hit him back. And that is the evolution of life. Conquer not the dominance but the evolution of life. Remember when life hits you, hit it back, one fucking blow.