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Noteable child authors throughout history.

  1. The Real Tomato profile image64
    The Real Tomatoposted 9 years ago

    Noteable child authors throughout history.

  2. Kathryn Vercillo profile image86
    Kathryn Vercilloposted 9 years ago

    How many of us out there want to write a book one day? We say that we’re going to do it. We may even start one here or there. A handful of us finish them but never go on to edit them or get them published. Most people just keep thinking in the... read more

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    Derdriuposted 7 years ago

    L. Frank Baum's Wizard of Oz series have been loved by all ages for generations.

    C.S. Lewis' Narnia Chronicles are well loved.

    Beatrix Potter's stories also enchant children.

  4. Leah Wingert profile image71
    Leah Wingertposted 6 years ago

    Beatrix Potter -any

    Louisa May Alcott - Little Women

    Frances Hodgson Burnett - The Secret Garden/The Little Princess

    Janusz Korczak - King Matt the First

    Maurice Sendak- Where the Wild things Are, The Giving Tree, Where the Side Walk Ends